The crowded life. The immense capability of the mind to occupy a soul so far that it conflicts the poor being to even live. I’ve found cases of this in my life even more frequently lately. Maybe, not as far as not being able to live, but my mind will wander so far that it conflicts with my day to day. Even when my mind is contempt, not filled to the brim with random thoughts that combine, distracting my mind from the important. Maybe this could be a positive. Maybe, just maybe, this is a gift that I should use. I don’t know though, how would you even attempt to start to use it?

Anyways, I’ve been sidetracked, what I was going to get at was, even when a crowded mind finds comfort then comes a audience. What were you thinking about? How would you solve this? The audience is life. Life demands attention. Attention demands time yet do we have the patience.

Reception. That’s a word. Do you like this word? How about perception? Everything that is done, everything that will be done will have some sort of reception eventually. And with this reception comes perception and opinion. I bet that word strikes a chord; opinion. You almost have the urge to give your opinion on something. How to people perceive you?  I’ll continue to believe that there is a redeeming quality in all of us. There is no one on this Earth that should reside alone, completely alone, continue to crowd their minds until even the slightest of conversation would be extremely comforting.

Part 2… coming soon



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