So. I didn’t think I would ever wake up this early to write anything, but something told me to. A sudden urge that engulfed all feeling has motivated me to do this. On to the point. I was thinking this morning about all the relationships I’ve had; the good and the bad. I’m just going to go right into it, and hopefully you won’t click off after I give this statement. The greatest relationship I’ve been blessed with is with the Almighty God. I do say “almighty” because I don’t like limiting his great power. I don’t want to give the impression to people that are newcomers to his love that his grace is boundless. His immense grace has comforted my soul a great deal. The main point is; how can I give this message to people, how do I spread His message to the world in a way that is inviting? Why is it that people run from his love? Are they afraid of Him? To be honest, I can admit to being one of those people back then, and even sometimes now. I would scurry away from Him because to a certain extent he was intimidating. He was this omnipresent being, with all the power in the universe, and His word says that He wants me. I didn’t understand. The fact that he wanted me didn’t make sense at all. What was his plan with me? I’m in no way special. I am as my pastor would say: “glitched.” So why would he want an outsider like myself, one that isn’t the most popular, the greatest looking, the strongest, the most intellectual, what did He want? Then I realized, that is why He wanted me. In other words; I am now weak, when I am strong. Showing my weaknesses, gives me strength. It definitely takes a great deal of courage, but if you have the faith ( the faith of a mustard seed) then you can gain strength.   Once you realize this, the enlightenment is so gratifying, it’s unexplainable. You look at the world through a different light. You don’t see the outcasts as misfits anymore, you see their strength.

You see, once you accept God into your life, his strength becomes your strength. The word says, we’ll be able to do greater deeds than Jesus ever did. WHAT? That sounds insane right. The only person to ever walk this Earth to never have sinned, the One who blessed many with his grace, the One who accomplished many miracles, the One who took the most brutal punishment to save our souls, yet we can do greater. It sounds insane, but look at the bigger picture. Sometimes in life we look too closely at our misfortunes, and we miss our talents, our redeeming qualities. You have to do the impossible; you have to take a step back, and look at the grand scheme of things.

I’m the type of guy that disagrees with conformity. Every being that walks this Earth is unique. This is something that took me eighteen years to realize, and I still need some work. We all have a unique puzzle piece that is special to us. Once we gather our puzzle pieces we can piece them together to make a greater picture, an image of the entirety, the purpose of our life.  Once who realize this, and the blessings that is bestowed among us, we can start appreciating life in it’s full purpose, it’s full life.

For me, I haven’t figured out what I am going to do for the rest of my life, but the light of my life is with me every step of the way. Every step of the journey the all powerful, mastermind behind all of humanity, the beauty of the mountains, the shining sun, the oceans, and the remarkable universe that is so far not to have an end. Once this all is realized then life becomes a little easier and I don’t mean that life will give you everything, certainly not. I am saying God has the strength to pull you through any challenge. Yes, there will be challenges; tests of faith but in the grand scheme of things they are for the betterment of yourself and this world. For if you were to stumble and look towards God then your life becomes more of a reflection of His.

No, not all my posts will be specifically about God but they will have some sort of influence on my writing. I am always thinking. I am always thinking about the purpose of my thoughts, and how I can represent them in a certain way that is not only gratifying to myself, and reveals my spirit but is something the audience, you guys can appreciate. I appreciate all the great people in my life, and I think you should not only thank God but the people who have influenced you, the good and the bad. What? Are you insane Alex? Why thank the bad? Calm down, and I’m referred to as the man, not to be confused with the “dude” or Mr. Lebowski. The bad breeds the good. That sounds rather over simplified, don’t you think Alex? Well mister reader, maybe your right ( and again I’m the man) but I like to say it that way because it doesn’t intimidate the listener or the reader. The rethced, terrible moments in light can influence the greatness in your soul to magnify. It is these moments that progress society and bring out the greatest virtues society can wish for. When someone is depressed, unwilling to move on. When all is lost. When all is stripped away. When all the layers are peeled back ( yes, we are all like ogres like Shrek, we have layers) we have nothing to lose and we can see the true self, not all the puffy confidence that we walk proudly around with. This true self is the one we need to take to God.





3 thoughts on “Unchained

  1. I think perhaps that many in the world are less afraid of God than they are of His followers. There is a huge difference between religion and spirituality, between faith and fanaticism. I personally support any and all who find comfort and strength from spiritual seeking, but I do not condone the “I am right, you are wrong” fundamentalism that seeks to force people into certain beliefs and behaviors…

    Just my 2 cents… 🙂

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