LaTe !NiGhT? Shenanigans



The stars above and down below

Have only cast deep sorrow

For if he weeps, he is guilty

Of the pleasures he once bestowed


Fortitude pulled him through the valley

But a stubborn audience casts shame and judgement

For the moment waits upon the fellow

And the fellow waits upon it


But to cast a spell upon a wish is too complex

So he resides in the stars, looming in the background

Courage once a fortune, but now to live in punishment

Life without courage, corrupts the soul.


In one of the novels I’m currently reading a man speaks with a man of misfortune. He sits there staring at a man who had it all, now residing in isolation. He fought his butt off to get to the point where he was so financially secure he could relax in life only to have a little misfortune; leaving him legless. A man that lived his life with this quote; “time is not money, it is rather the opposite.” He sits there (that is the unfortunate man) in his wheelchair shamed, embarrassed of his life. He thinks of his life as depressing because he’s literally sitting on a fortune. The fireplace reflecting off his face and the dark coloring from the outside world beyond the room window give this scene a great contrast. The rain pounds, and the storm clouds collect to shadow the low, sickened feelings in the room. He begins to speak of, mostly his embarrassment to the character were following and he contemplates ending his life right then and there. This got me thinking. I know it’s a cliche’ saying that money doesn’t equal happiness, but I mean, it’s become more and more apparent to me that this is the truth. Godly men (well, true men of God) find true happiness in their lives in resting in His grace and spreading it to everyone who has the ear to listen. Yet, when I see these great leaders in the innovative world, like a man such as; Steve Jobs who had a innovative mind and was gifted to human kind, no doubt, but he struggled with himself. With his relationships, his family life (or the lack thereof), his feelings towards others. He might be sort of a bad example of this because he didn’t have a great deal of money at some points in his life through some misfortune but nonetheless I think you understand. When Apple was at its peak, when wheels were turning constantly and profit was rolling, innovation was the norm; Steve Jobs became the face of the future and his checkbook correlated with his success.

I would say a better example, and this man I adore for what he did for the art of film making, but he fell to the depths of depression and reclusive trouble; Howard Hughes. He struggled within himself. A man who was also on top of the world during his time. The plane crashes took a tole on his body later in his life, the reclusive mindset left him hopeless and unrecognizable to most everyone by the time of his death. So much so that they had to identify him by his fingerprints. What I’m getting at here is don’t get caught up in material value of this Earth. Whatever makes you happy, whatever you’re passionate about go pursue it and try to do it the rest of your life. At least that’s what I’m trying to do, but that’s just my two cents.





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