The radically, unradical life of a growing individual, that wants to find his place in this world, but loves the process and will continue to grow every day. (I’ll work on the title)

Section 1: The Chronicle of thoughts in my high school mind

Chapter 1: Precision

“Elementary my dear Watson.” I wish this was the case, rather in real life it becomes this huge jumble of a mess that is convoluted, containing many different turns and can drive even the most confident of individuals into insanity. Sometimes I have to sit back. Rest. Lay my head on something comfortable and comfort my mind with the soft sound of classical music (strange, I know). This is a paradoxical situation, though. You see, this works for quite a while until the stress of life creeps its way back into your life. Oh, the stress, the agony. You don’t pay taxes, you don’t pay house payments, you don’t have to watch over three kids. Well, whoever you are, this is true without a doubt, but, were teenagers and young men and women. We need as much sleep as infants (don’t write this as a fact, this came out of the blue), we are less mature and we just aren’t ready for the real world to be honest. So when life throws all it has on us, we shy away. Scurry away to our comforts; whatever that may be. For some it might be music, sports, etc. The vital importance of life, which can alternate in our developing minds from moment to moment. The definition depends on our passions and those can change as quick as the wind blows. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we do need to settle down a tiny bit. We haven’t experienced life yet. All we know is the school we practically live in and the loved ones around us. On the other hand, though, drama is something that is so fun. I just had to be blunt because it’s the truth. Rumors are the greatest thing that ever hits you in the face in high school. Unless, of course those stories are about you, then well, those are depressing, but we all have to take our punishment for the cause. I mean, there’s no shame in a little fun is there? Are you still there? Is it agrivating that I have not started a new paragraph, or that I misspelled aggravating?

Well, there you go. Now onward, Godspeed. What I was getting at was the stories. I believe we all have an inherit fascination with a good story. One that connects with us, one that touches our soul and holds our desires. The comical part of it is that, when we’re young we find out there is something we can do to make the stories more interesting. One that can fabricate the story, mold it and make it our own little joyful dove we can release to the world. But this is no dove, this is no beautiful deed. This is a lie. OH no. You lied. The worst feeling as a kid was a parent finding out a story was false but you know what the best thing was? It was creating a great, intricate story that was so believable that they bought it. YES! You’re off the hook. My brother is now the culprit, he took the cookie. I can live my life. I can carry on without the guilt. See the guilt wasn’t there as a child, but now it’s there. It is ever so present in my life.

The redefined individual has felt the lump in his throat, the throbbing temples, the sweaty palms, the incoherent stumbling statement you answer your prosecutor with. The concoction you create is no where near the excellence you could have embellished and manufactured to perfection back then. Maybe, you don’t feel this guilt. Maybe you struggle with this. You fabricate everything in your life just to chase after something unattainable. Living life this way is miserable. I can attest to this. The monument of my life was a distraction. Distracting my audience with the facade I created. This fabrication though can only instigate mystery among the closer ones around you. They would ask questions. You would have to fabricate more of your life. Lie upon lie. The beautiful flower that was meant to bloom has halted. The beauty of the sun, the brisk wind, the melancholy of life, all fabricated. The shining light within all of us is meant to shine. Meant to reflect your views, you individualism. What I believe is may strike some controversy with you, but I believe that God’s light, once you accept him into your life, should be reflected. This reflection, God’s, can magnify yours to an intensity that is beyond preconceived notions. Life can be limiting at times without Christ. Christ can magnify your strengths by introducing the true self you haven’t realized was within you. The murky surface within you now becomes clear. The cloudy skies become clear. The light of your life is within you.  What I’m getting at beyond this point is that first accepting Christ into your life can widen your horizons and second don’t stress on yourself.

Right now, if you’re a student, as I am. I don’t only mean a student in school, but also in life. One who wants to improve every day, to find your passion, to support a family, to make a living for yourself. Whatever situation suits you. Life conquers most. For what you have to realize and listen closely, this is a biggie. One must conquer himself before he attempts to put a stamp on the world. If you want to reach the mountain of your ability, make it your mission to find the light within yourself. Don’t be like my dog and focus so much on cleaning the surface (and please don’t replicate fully the cleaning I am referring to, that is don’t use your tongue. Just. Don’t.)  again, focus on the inwards, the soul.

You’re the master of your soul, the captain of your own ship.






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