EMBELISHED (You like that?)

Chapter 2: Time

Now this chapter might seem a little strange but I’m going to continue on anyways. So, I was driving around today with one of my friends. This guy is something special, one that I can have a thorough conversation with at any moment, one that shares my interests and is a great friend. So, anyways, we were driving around town, the darkness of the night slowly creeping its way over the streets, and the muggy atmosphere grasping at the air. The topic of time arose. It emerged. I remember back when I was younger, I was sitting on my bed during the night, waiting for my mom to come in to give me a good night story. I was quite young, but the thought of the end crept into my mind. I thought about what it would be like not only to me, but to the ones who I love, when I lay my head to rest for the last time. The thought of death, the thought that our life here on Earth is not eternal, it has an expiration date. The thought that I would one day have to let this all go haunted my young soul in that moment. Tears began to fall and I fell into the deep insecurities of my mind. I followed the blind man in my head into the unknown only to find fear. I remember it being a prominent thought for quite a while during that year.  So, time. Life is not eternal. Although I’m sure you know about this. For my good friend and I this doesn’t haunt us now that we have found God’s grace. A believe that one day we will leave this place for a new. A new place, a new life that is eternal, and is beautiful, elegant and is an all praising atmosphere for our great God.

This  believe is all fine and dandy, but the harsh fact of it is that we can’t let this blind us. We must not confine ourselves from our own potential here on Earth. Not only that we need to experience life. Life is full of moments. So take hold of them, cherish every moment. WHAT? That’s ridiculous, Alex. Yes, I must regress a small bit, you’re right. The fact of the matter is we should cherish every moment to the best of our ability. I do realize it is not possible to cherish every living moment on Earth because sometimes you’re going to have those days that you feel down. What you can do is appreciate.

We talked about relationships. Some families have a household that is diversified. They are separate. They have the same blood, but don’t acknowledge the presence of each other. They don’t spend time connecting with each other. The fact of the matter (I should of named this chapter; “the fact of the matter is,” shouldn’t I have?) is that we don’t have time to push these things aside. The conscience will dwell on this later in life and it will sadly be too late by then. The great thing about life is connection. Connecting with each other. The sympathy of a fellow human being is something that is indescribable. It is beautiful (but you just described it. Thank you, Mr. Reader.). The very essence of ourselves, the ground foundation for development is connection. We must connect. The critical dimensions of society will disapprove of this. We both disapproved of this. We both agreed this will be the big detriment of society, the downfall of society. You see, in this future, the one we are creating; the one that calls for innovation, calling for something to be made every day. This innovation demands diligent work. This work sometimes can take away some of the necessary materials for a healthy lifestyle. We end up getting caught up in life, swept off our feet by the busyness of life. The conclusion is a drastically diminished individual, one that is tired of life, too tired to connect, too tired to make use of life. Now when I use the phrase “make use” this to me means to enjoy the greatness of life. The subtle joyful moments in life that sometimes can only be noticed by careful attention.

Some of the great CEO’s of this country, of this world. They have all the financial success you could ask for. They make use of their time wouldn’t you say? But you see, this use was artificial. Yes, they made good money, but some, I’m not saying all, but some, find themselves working so hard that they get caught up in the lifestyle.

This is kind of random, so prepare yourself. The conversation drifted towards the topic of listening. More specifically, it went into the topic of discussion of the diminishing ability to listen in this current generation. You see we’ve gone to this state of dissolution. One that distracts us from our surroundings. We want so badly to get our story out there, but what about the others? If you would listen to others. Really listen, then you might find a different perspective on life, a new light. You see we all want to deposit our two cents but for every two cents someone might drop a dime. A unique perspective, a talent, a conversation that actually connects you with someone. I’m not excluding myself from this group, the problem. I’ve had problems, believe me, in this. I would rather scurry to the reclusive cave deep within my mind and bury my thoughts there. I would rather find a place in isolation, sleeping on my thoughts, blocking the world with my thoughts, blocking the world with my phone, my school work. Troubling for sure, but we can fix this one step at a time.

Don’t live life in a reclusive hole. You’re limiting yourself, the potential of growth for not only yourself but the progression of the human race. You’re not fulfilling your gift to the world.




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