Chapter 4:

The chronicle of misinterpretation or is it? The constitution of what we see is usually composed of how we feel about something. Isn’t this a little strange? How do we authorize our thoughts to demand it come first? In an argument, the worst thing one can do is to let his or her feelings do the talking. It’s difficult though, and as time progresses society has been more and more engulfed in feelings. We don’t think anymore. The social media platform can have tremendously great impacts on us, but they also can digress the importance of thought. The platform has had many to think about the thought of it digressing, impacting the ability to be attentive. We no longer look at the deeper detail. We wire ourselves in emotion which is part of human nature, the character of humans. We are complexed emotionally, but we all have unique opinions and thoughts. To combine the two, is of utmost importance. Without opinions, we are bland, we are dry, paint plastered on the wall, no complexion, no expression. On the other hand, without thought we are without meaning. Without thought, there is no reasoning behind our opinions. The thought gives the opinion weight.

There is an epidemic in society; we are blinding ourselves with arrogance. We must take the time to dive into the thought that our unique opinions deserve. One subject of argument is one that is very opinionated and was very well looked into by a man, by the name of Thomas Sowell. I was enlightened by his intellect and the deep conversation on equal rights, on equal pay with William F. Buckley. He brought the point of argument that made a lot of sense to me. One that drove his point across to Buckley and is one of the discussions of his research in one of the books he wrote. He said, if we would break down the categories of pay into their perspective fields, the ones we are looking for. Say for instance if we were arguing that White men receive more pay than African American Men, we can break the categories down more specifically. We can break them down to amount of education, age, location, and other variables and what we’ll see is that the discrepancy, or the difference between pay between African American men and White men narrow. Yes, there is still a problem, there is still a difference that we need to address, but we don’t need to hyperbolize the situation.

So, what we can see here is that perception is important. We must be able to perceive, to be able to decipher the important facts from the unimportant.

Another example, one that is widely different from the last but nevertheless is a sufficient one. This one doesn’t really apply to the realm of argument and politics, but rather this is about life and our faith. The reality of life, the reality that we can’t do something. That we have everything against us is something that can tear even the strongest of individuals down. You have three tests in one school day, you’ve been laid off work, your parents continue to argue, the family seems to be falling apart, there is plenty of examples. One thing we have to realize and is one of those things that I struggle with, and I suppose many others struggle with because we are all human, is that we must be able to see the silver lining. God puts you in situations to strengthen your faith. This might not seem that important, and might take some detective work to realize this but trust me. God wants to prove to you that with Him you can conquer anything. He wants to gradually strengthen you spiritually, to always sharpen your faith. He understands your struggle and is waiting for you to come to Him. He puts you in situations that feel unbearable on purpose. The detriment to society is that many do not have this outlook and maybe not even that they don’t even know of Him. The greatest detriment it is.  Trust me when I say this I don’t have perfect vision, far from it actually, but anyone can see God in the storm. It takes time, strength and faith. It might bring some hardships, but without them you wouldn’t have experienced life. As I’ve mentioned before; hardships, or the mistakes we have made, the things we are embarrassed to share, the things we lack, that is what we connect with.

First, strength can be hidden within. Opinion and thought can and need to be combined to create a complex creature, one that is individual. God created us to be individual. One with reason, intellect (yes, all of us have it), ability, and opinions. We must understand our opinions to express them in a manner that is reasonable so that people can understand our unique perspective. And in terms of life, the incoherent journey that it can appear to be at certain points must be held onto with the strength, the faith that God has your back. To understand and live with these points is of utmost importance.




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