Chapter 5:


Spells dwell amongst us

The binding culture we create

Must only extend to the ones we trust

Foretold is the future that magnifies the past

It will dwell on the ones who carry it


Congratulate them, for they are still living

But the past is the past

The page has turned yet it still feels present

Oh a spell would be appreciated


But the ground would not be firm

For if we were to find the spell

We would not have lived

Strange, isn’t it? The past is the past. We all struggle, we all are carrying something that we wish we could drop off. Life is full of challenges but we all carry on with them. We can’t hide our struggle. The confinement isn’t as strong as you think it is. That lock that you created in your head, isn’t as strong as you think it is. The sooner you realize this the more free life will seem. Of course, don’t go running around bursting out your deepest kept secrets, but the ones that have chained you down need to be shared. These need to be put out so someone can understand what you’re going through. This concept seems rather simple, but the concept put into action is a much different story. We must set all we have out for God. It’s like cleaning your house. You wouldn’t leave something on the shelf to collect dust. No, you take everything off to get every spec off. This is what God wants to do with your life. Yes, you may start to collect dust right after he gives you his blessing but he understands that. He understands internal conflict. His son was a message of this. His son was a man, a human being just like all of us. He was tempted just like us. He struggled just like us. He walked the same Earth, we walk today. Have you ever sat back and really thought about that. God was walking on this Earth. He was on the same planet you walk today. Yet, when you think about it some more, you may ask yourself if you would have liked Him. Would you have been a companion of Jesus? The man who completed hundreds of miracles and taught God’s word, spread the good news and lived a perfect life. Would you have been friends with Him? He struggled. He struggled, but persevered. He persevered to show that we can too. The strength of Christ is immeasurable.

You’ve felt the weight of stress. The constricting creature that seems to dwell on anything and everything that walks on the Earth. The creature that conflicts that inner being. The creature that concludes, that presumes rather that you’re not good enough. You’re not strong enough, not attractive enough, not athletic enough, not smart enough.

I’ve always been a terrible test taker. I bet you despise people who always say this, because it sounds like an excuse doesn’t it? I can somewhat agree with that but also it hasn’t been an excuse for me. I can be the master of the material, but when it comes time to prove it, I freeze and hate the downfall but it is, what it is. I’m sure this will bite me in the rear end later in life. I also don’t believe that education should be based on how well a student performs on tests but that’s for another post. This post focuses more on the topic of stress and to continue on; the tests give me an unbearable amount of stress. I constrict, freeze, and try to dig to grab hold of what it seems to be the knowledge scurrying down into a deep hole in my mind.

The stress that life brings is sustainable, it procreates and multiplies. The amount of stress you will have typically correlates with the amount of success you want to achieve. I understand this, I do, but I despise when an enjoyable subject in school or relaxing at home becomes unattainable because of the constant motion of society. Sometimes things need the necessary time to dive into the matter, to appreciate the composition of what it brings to the table. When I was younger it used to be affordable for me to relax, to sit and enjoy all that God has created, to look at the vast horizons, the beautiful hymn of the birds, the subtle breeze, the vibrant colors, all of it I could afford because I had time. Now I’m an adult (this is debatable if you ask my parents. But for the sake of the discussion lets move on and say I agree with my parents and I’m sort of an adult?) and the weight of responsibility brings its burden. As a kid, I had a twinkle in my eye, always ready to share a story, play in the backyard, etc. Now I find my free time being used up. There are some points though that I’m with my friends that I enjoy very much and the times I spend with my thoughts. The times that I can explore the vastness of silence, the great universe of silence with all of it’s obscurity. Oh, how the times have changed.




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