Exalted Attentiveness


(National Geographic)


Chapter 7:

The piece of scripture I read today struck me. It is from Acts 2:14-41, Peter’s sermon at Pentecost. He talks to the people about repenting and giving your life over to God. The God of promise, grace and love. Everything that He has promised has and will come true. He speaks of the end. The magnificent end of this world. The day when, the heavens will open, the clouds will separate, the sun will be turned to darkness, the Earth down below smoke and fire. He speaks out towards the people to repent, to save this crooked generation, to receive the Holy Spirit with all of its grace. Sometimes we forget, or at least I do forget what I’m blessed with. I forget that He lives in me. Sometimes, I walk mechanically through life. I can’t save the world with this mindset. I can’t wander away from the righteous path of glory. The fact of the matter, yes I do, and I do this a lot. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this tug of war with your life. Where at some points you feel that you are the holiest of the holy, I am the next prophet Lord bring on the responsibility. Yet, sometimes, even a day afterwards, that feeling becomes dry and stale. I feel terrible even saying that, but that’s my true feelings about it. When you’ve accepted Jesus as your Savior, that day is glorious. That day is all powerful. That day feels like it will never end. It does, though, the reality of day to day craziness hits you right back. Sometimes the weight of the world can be too strong for you.

So the main problem here is we need to be attentive and in this day and age, that might be the most difficult task. We need to have exalted attentiveness. We have the Lord within us, we need to have His attention to detail. This is extremely difficult to prepare yourself for, to execute, to believe in. I can’t even watch a thirty minute video on YouTube unless it really excites me anymore. I think we all have a little dose of ADD now and days. We must pursue this attentiveness, with the best of our ability, though, that’s all we can hope for. It’s kind of strange to interject a Robert DeNiro quote in here, but it suits this point. He one time said, that it is better to pursue the moment, to give it your all basically, because even if it doesn’t turn out the best you still know you pursued it. God knows we aren’t perfect. He didn’t make us perfect. Even the most perfect of people, who might seem perfect aren’t, for instance Tom Brady. No, I’m playing around, don’t grab your pitchforks, yes, I’m a fan of his performance on the field. The main point I was getting to, was that God blesses us with the ability to turn towards Him in times of trouble. The key word there was “Blesses” because it seems odd in the context of the sentence. It seems remarkably out of place. The great thing about it is, that it isn’t. God wants us to come to Him in trouble. The power of God, the knowledge of God is all powerful, more than you could ever attain. He wants to shine His light through you. You have to be able to pursue the moment, to have attentiveness and the want-to.

God gives multiple chances throughout your life to shine His light. He wants to work through you. Maybe another problem might be, and I’ve struggled with this too, so don’t feel too bad, is that we think we need to work for Him. That it goes the other way around. We don’t realize it but we end up blocking out God. We end up blocking out the greatest motivator, the greatest teacher. We want Him to foster our lives, we want Him to invigorate our souls, our mind, our body. We want to promote Him, not ourselves. Point towards the Holy of the holiest. We are none of these. We might attain a very good ability to teach, but not as great as the Teacher. We don’t want to promote to our generation, to the future and the past generations, that we are the ones to look towards. We aren’t at all. You know this already though, we were born in sin, that’s why we can’t live a perfect life. That’s why we turn to the One who is perfect. There were plenty of other options for Jesus for His disciples. He could have chosen many, who were great at talking, great at motivating. He didn’t though, the ones he chose were the misfits. The ones like us. We must not be false teachers, we must act as a student, to become a great teacher. The valleys will open, the sky will brighten, the melancholy of life will still be there, oh yes it will but the greatest joy of life, the greatest act of kindness has already been executed by the One who wants you. The One who wants to open the gate doors. The One who wants to take you with Him to the Heaven above. The ringing of life, the bell of joy, the Lord has arrived, the day has come will be music to your ears. The glorious sight of our Lord will be the only light you see on that day, but it is the only thing you’re focused on.

The life that we live can be distracting. We can get lost in the sauce. The greatest tribute though, would be to live a life for Him .Not always having a perfect one, but one that looks towards God. One that is carried through the power of God. One that held in the gentle, yet strong hands of our Lord. One that we would look back on, when were 20 years old, when were 30, when were 40, 60, 70, when were talking to our kids. When we’re talking to our grandkids. We want to pursue a life we want to express to the masses. One that we aren’t living right now, one that has lived. One that lead a group of misfits to glory. One that died on the cross for our sins. One that rose from the grave, from the weight of our sins. One that ascended to Heaven and promised to come back again. Believe in His promise and believe in His will.



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