Chapter 2:

The man awoke. The somber sun collapsed on him, warming to the extreme. The wind died down and the once crowded city had become a barren wasteland. The darkness inside of him grew gradually grew. He thought of the consequences he had cost society. He broke the system, but the system was what held everything together. He inspired himself to rise up out of his somber to meet the bright face of a woman. She had elegant hair that cascaded ever so softly over her well sculptured face. She had dark brown eyes, but they had a glimmer to them that sunk into the man’s soul. He noticed a deep scar that was painted across her forehead. Her brow bruised. The….”Hey. What’s your name?”

“Oh, my name? I don’t…know.” She gave him a strange face yet it still appealed to him. She slapped him. The man jumped back. “What? What was that for?” “Be honest with me, I’m all you’ve got buddy.” The man hesitated. She gave him a face of question to respond. “So? What is it?” The man looked around, the face of the woman grew blurry and the surroundings clear. He couldn’t hear the sounds that he always loved hearing. The sound of people. Even though he wasn’t in tune with them, he appreciated greatly the beauty and uniqueness of them. He considered himself something else, a loner. A man secluded from all categorizations, all variables.

To Be Continued…


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