Late night thoughts. Brought to you by the vastness of the human mind.

I was conflicted on whether or not to post this on my blog site, or on here, or to even share at all. Well since I like to give my cause before I do the damage, the prerequisite of knowledge required to understand this; is that we are all unique. We all have errors, barren spots within our prospective goals, and yearnings. We all want to feel wanted. We all want to create a connection with someone. The sole distribution of yourself is based on compassion for connection, for a sense of well being. I don’t want to constitute a disbelieve that I am all well, that I am balanced in all aspects of life. That I’m grasping perfection, that I’m capable of distributing my insight and my perspective on certain material. I think that the mind can be one of the most tormenting things in life. The mind torments the soul. The ferry pulls out of the port but we are left behind. WE feel as if the divider among success and failure is expression. That is not only profound expression( which I can’t hate on because I thoroughly enjoy diving deep into the mind and it’s immense capabilities. Unless of course, you’re referring to the Devil’s work; Calculus or math in general, then we are entailing an entirely different story.), expression that is extroverted. The connotation of introverted kind of is negative. Maybe, it’s just in my eyes but it seems to be such a depressive disability. For instance, I find myself writing a different story for some people to see. In public I might put up a front, one that is expressive, and prominent in the discussion. When, I would rather act like a sponge and see what how the conversation unravels. 

On a side note, a good friend is a great virtue in life isn’t it. The benevolent mind wants to express, to connect, to find purpose. A good companion can check all the boxes. I appreciate all the great friends I have. I ask for direction from God 24/7, I also thank Him for the special people He surrounded me with. God give me direction. Man, this is a long post. If you made it this far, how are you feeling? How was your week? Day? Anything on your mind?


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