The act of demoralizing society to appropriate a certain level of confidence that is standardized by what you think to be, your own well being is futile. The impact a simple message on the internet can cause is catastrophic. The joyful song that plays within one’s heart is now somber. The valiant strings that were strung are merely cut and diminished. Why would one do this? Drowning in your own self conscious, surviving off of solitude. I’ve experienced the downfall. I’ve experienced what it feels like to feel trapped. You don’t want to tell anyone, you don’t want to cry. You become afraid of judgement. I can’t even imagine how it might be now, with how expanded social media platforms are now. The happy being that resides in one’s soul must accompany in this long turmoil, the broken path of resistance. I can’t even imagine the feeling of going to school with a heavy cloud upon one’s head. The torment that must ensue to gratify others. The inner battle that conflicts. At one point, physical confrontation was the mantra, now no one has to be touched. It’s a losing battle at some points I suppose. When one get’s bullied on the internet they feel trapped, as I’ve previously mentioned. How do we find the key that can unlock this cell that society has created? We must try. We must put are strongest foot forward.


Without the valiant attempt, without it, we have simply failed a whole generation. We have failed to rescue them from the depths of broken dreams. When one experiences this feeling, they can fall off the deep end. The drowning impact that it is capable of is terrorizing. It can break any hope one had. The potential within them screams for help but they don’t have the strength. We must find a way to find the solution. Without it, depression reigns, society loses. We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to this great country.


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