My First Cruise Trip

So I apologize if this sounds convoluted because that’s what my thoughts are as of now. This is merely my valiant attempt at piecing all of them together. So, I suppose I should start somewhere shouldn’t I? The drive to Fort Lauderdale was longer than my liking, and the hostility definitely had escalated to another level. There was a reserved motive that I thought to maintain but I found it rather difficult in regard to the numerous irritations that mocked my motivations. My brothers fought viciously and at one point I thought that it was planned, that’s what their motives where. I thought that maybe I was the only normal one but I then thought that I can’t be close to normal to be aware of these strange happenings. To be loosely wired into the incoherent mumbo jumbo of intolerant, mindless games. The irritation built as the worst traffic of the century decided to occur while we decided to get on the highway. Nothing could save us I thought, not even my dad’s incredible Jesus sandals. When we called it quits for the night, the unfortunate events decided to continue godspeed. They were threefold; one my brothers measly bladder has expressed it’s incapability to do it’s job on numerous of occasions, and my brother made that fact very, very apparent. Second, my stomach forgot to stomach, instead it decided to riddle me with pain. Thirdly, it took I believe three hotels/motels before we found a place to hit the sack.

The next morning smacked me in the face. I woke up rather early but fell back into the deep comfort of a decent slumber. When the sun peaked it’s blazing head above the horizon, we prepared to make our way to our destination. While we were driving not only did I notice the scarce selection of movies that was bound to haunt us on the way back home but I also noticed the variety of green that surrounded us. Once we arrived I was stung by the immense humidity of the land and the light breeze that blew the muggy air. The service aboard the ship was rather nice, they deemed to be the nicest people I’ve met. The first day aboard I realized that I had not received my luggage. I wondered throughout all the luggage corridors and couldn’t find it, only to later realize that I had forgotten entirely of what my bag looked like, that’s me I guess. The days that followed dragged along. I found myself getting content in luxury which I found strange. I began going through the motions. I had been blessed with a luxurious vacation only to find more routine, more dull schedules aboard. I don’t know how I do this. Moving along. The dinners were exquisite and very delicious. The servers were very gracious and welcoming. I later learned that they practically live aboard the ship for most of the year. It bothered me. The fact that they get to travel the world, only to be stuck in a man made construction. To only be able to look from the inside. It was a blessing and a curse, I assumed. Every day I attempted to work out. The treadmill became the death of me, the gradual, slow painful torture machine. I did it though, in agony.

One of the main things I wanted to get to was one of the shows I watched. It was a performance titled: “Once Upon A Time.” Now, typically I am not into theater because most of the shows that I have been to, I was taken out of in my head because of how musically based they were. This musical, ironically enough, kept me enticed. They seamlessly interjected parody, satire into well known stories to construct a firm foundation for which could support even the shortest of attention spans. This last remark should have an asterisk beside it, as anything I see should, that is that my mind wanders very easily. Nevertheless, as the show was being presented (that exhibited great talent in vocals and choreography, etc.) I panned over. I panned over to a guy working, for which I could only assume the technical parts of the performance. I thought for a good minute about the people who are in our background. Maybe someday you will find someone who unlocks your potential or simply provides a keyhole for your future. Then my mind wandered back to the presentation. The show they want us to see. I perused my thoughts, I walked the course of meaning, to find joy in the message. The theme of the show really struck me. Sometimes in life we can limit ourselves. I believe it is the natural thing we do as we mature but I’m not sure it’s the wisest. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I am going to hate embarking back into the dull reality of life.

Section 2: Hypocrisy and Anger

This has a little connection with the former topic. That is during my cruise, while I laid on my bed, I examined these topics in my head. I asked the same question Shakespeare interjected into Hamlet; that is, how can a moral man live in an immoral world? This is a tough question. How can a man coincide with a turbulent discoursed society while trying to maintain a grasp on his or her morals? You see, I bring anger into the discussion because I believe anger can fuel false character. At least in my own experience, when I am tempted the most to murder my reputation is when my temper is tested. The chronicles of downfall only drown the weak you might say but with the element of anger, this covers all. The shadow of misguidance can drown the strongest of lads. I could see where someone might add, ignorance is bliss but the conflicting matter of it is; is that without knowledge there is no power, and everyone yearns for self purpose at some point. I doubt that the resisting factor for you to conclude your mind in knowing nothing, is to free yourself. With this in mind, you can see that anger within oneself can arise through knowledge. You see, the more you search, the more you can’t find. The more you strike, the more you miss. Fortitude can only last so long, I’ve tried it my friend. The fallout is not kind. The question then is how we balance ourselves. When we try to be pristine, we can curl back into ourselves. It is rather tempting. The air in which we breathe becomes vulgar and walks in dismay. The dragging dispute submerges itself in doubt. You want to fight it but you can’t. What do we do then? Where do we go? To God. Even then though the light still struggles. The questions still can arise. If you’ve made it this far in my post, I simply congratulate you. Thank you, my friend for reading this.


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