Small thoughts. Part of last post.

Section 2: Hypocrisy and Anger

This has a little connection with the former topic. That is during my cruise, while I laid on my bed, I examined these topics in my head. I asked the same question Shakespeare interjected into Hamlet; that is, how can a moral man live in an immoral world? This is a tough question. How can a man coincide with a turbulent discoursed society while trying to maintain a grasp on his or her morals? You see, I bring anger into the discussion because I believe anger can fuel false character. At least in my own experience, when I am tempted the most to murder my reputation is when my temper is tested. The chronicles of downfall only drown the weak you might say but with the element of anger, this covers all. The shadow of misguidance can drown the strongest of lads. I could see where someone might add, ignorance is bliss but the conflicting matter of it is; is that without knowledge there is no power, and everyone yearns for self purpose at some point. I doubt that the resisting factor for you to conclude your mind in knowing nothing, is to free yourself. With this in mind, you can see that anger within oneself can arise through knowledge. You see, the more you search, the more you can’t find. The more you strike, the more you miss. Fortitude can only last so long, I’ve tried it my friend. The fallout is not kind. The question then is how we balance ourselves. When we try to be pristine, we can curl back into ourselves. It is rather tempting. The air in which we breathe becomes vulgar and walks in dismay. The dragging dispute submerges itself in doubt. You want to fight it but you can’t. What do we do then? Where do we go? To God. Even then though the light still struggles. The questions still can arise.


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