The branded scripture that is planted in us. The constricted signs that are passed down to us. We are bound to what they call us. We only find limited hope in minor circumstance. On occasion I find guilt masqueraded within the lamenting judgement that follows an overstep. An attempt to step over my boundaries. I feel regret. I get lost in sorrow and meander that the hallways of doubt. For what follows is questionable. I cement my feet in the abyss and cascade my body in pity.

Life is funny. If I had a way to open up my windows, to see the future, I’m not sure I would. When I think about it some more, I realized that there’s beauty in figuring it out along the way. The inquisitive mind can prove to be a rather intelligent, and trustworthy companion. Life can overturn your expectation as quickly as you make one. I find that the worry comes when the expectation was deemed to be illustrious, and worth something. To be frank, it’s conflicting. I wish I could be contempt in my actions, but I just wasn’t wired that way. To drag along the path of life to only regret the action. To like a sponge to soak up the “what I could’ve done, what I could’ve said.” The borrowing king doesn’t return the favor. The tainted glory along the accomplished wall of trophies. What is there to do?

You see there is a beauty in a story. Not the simple, throw popcorn in your mouth, blockbuster movie. There is beauty in simplicity, yes, but there is more elegance in failure. The trail brings out light. Why do you think the Indiana Jones movies (excluding, of course, the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Darn you George Lucas. You’re a blessing and a curse to us sometimes.) were so good? It felt human. We went through the trail and pain in his adventures before he succeeded. Along with the obvious charm and excellence of Harrison Ford. Through the excruciating error, through the guilt, agony, defeat, merges the great human spirit. This spirit should be craved, for it is virtuous. This spirit that lives within is true life. This spirit inhibits one to pursue any imaginable thing. The battles that ensue prepare the gateway for the spirit to reveal itself. We will never encounter ourselves unless we go through the depths of straining challenges. The spouting coat tails of a future we yearn can be envisioned and attained by the ones sporting the attire. For the one who wears it carries the vision already, the potential is already there. He must proudly put on the vest and drop the shield. He must walk through the valley with faith. The venture will ensue and faith will be tested. The complementary coward that scurries away will have to wait. The coward will have to strap on his boots and carry the book of life by his side. Take careful account of each step because each step is a clue. I like to think that with every step, you are making a mark on history. Whether you like it or not, you can make a difference in this world. Denial is always  prominent in modern culture, but just listen. When we live a life escaping the potential road you could’ve traveled on will eventually torment you, sadly. If it doesn’t, it leaves a scrape on society nonetheless, which is an inevitable mark, but one you don’t want to leave.

Really, this post is inspired by my trailing thoughts that curse me at night. I don’t know if you readers have this but, I hope you do. The thoughts that reflect on the previous day, or the activity of the past. I begin to reconsider the commitments. I reconsider the actions that I took. The past is the past I suppose. Reflection is a key to survival though. The circus of life can take us on a ride, blinding us of true passion. With reflection we can see the true meaning behind the action.


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