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This morning I was thinking about the film I had watched the other day. This movie is a sequel in a series of Christian based stories. The movie is titled: “God’s Not Dead 2.” Not only did I think about the film, I eventually thought about my own Christian life. Now that I’ve seen this movie, I wish I could be part of a writers team or a director for a Christian film. This is not because this movie is great. I saw flaws in the film. The main flaw I want to discuss and it was one that could be impacting Christian lives outside of the Hollywood based characters. The few Christian films that I’ve seen, sadly enough, is I believe largely geared towards the Christian audience. There are many instances that, if I was a non believer, would have been offended by. Some of the main non believers are portrayed well but for the most part, the majority of non believers in Christian movies are portrayed as evil characters. Now if you were a non believer, how would you feel about this? There needs to be more control in our judgement. Not all non believers are as they seem. As a believer there needs to be a greater message of love portrayed not only in the movies, but in our lives. For many, spreading the word of God is difficult. It can be a touchy subject at times for sure. We must be able to sit back and reflectively think about the actions for which we wish to pursue. We must then thoroughly think retrospectively to better manage the course of the next actions. We must collaborate independently with God, to manage to observe a glimpse of what He sees. The task may seem difficult, I know.

As human beings, we want to be independent. We want everything to be done by us. When we don’t succeed in this we feel we are fighting a losing battle. We’ve always wanted control from childhood. I’ve heard many kids tell their parents: “let me do it.” It’s a habit that maturates within us and really reigns supreme. We can’t do everything on our own. As much as it feels great to receive appreciation for your actions, you can’t and shouldn’t really receive much of any in preaching the word. When you spread the word of God, it’s for His glory and not ours. It seems like a cliche and a simple thing to say, I know, but typically the cliched things are true enough for a generation, if it be able to sustain it’s popularity through the ages. The humble man succeeds greatly in his tasks. The brave, humble, and faithful man, moves mountains. We can’t judge before we speak. Instead, let the book open before you begin reading it. That seems like the logical thing to do doesn’t it? When we listen to others before we speak, we can better understand their qualities. Each person is their own, that is why we must act like they are. We can’t simply separate the believers and the non-believers. This is merely a case for the end. This is the end game. We haven’t arrived there yet. We are all unique, no matter the situation. We have to be open, to unravel the soul, to gratify the begging spirit within. We wouldn’t spread jelly on a closed sandwich. I mean, I guess you could but why would you?

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to think this way. There are certain words that now have negative connotations. There are words such as; preaching, Christianity, religion, and many others. Instead of religion, I prefer to say I am living out a relationship with God. The fact of the matter that I was getting to here, was that when most people think about Christianity, they might think of close-minded people. To be honest, it could be a tempting trap for some people. For some, it might be difficult to connect with their past because they found the present so appealing. Yes, we shouldn’t continue to live in the past but the people that are lost should still be able to connect with you on a humanistic level. We should be down to Earth people. The connect ability of our souls should be threefold; one for the connection between us and the deity in heaven, second for the holy spirit that lives within, and thirdly the human connection. We should be able to throw away preconceptions. It may deem to be difficult at first but trust me, you can achieve it. The mantra that you have to shove it down someone’s throat for someone to plead over to the other side, is futile. We shouldn’t make non believers plead for forgiveness. The crossover should be a choice made by them. The message is much more powerful that way. Furnishing our souls simply doesn’t work. We can’t act like everyone is the enemy. We can’t manipulate the word of God, or the Holy Spirit to coincide with our beliefs. We must be graceful in our message because simply put, our message is God’s message.

So spread love, disregard preconceived judgement. Be a devoted, zealous, worker for Christ. One that is virtuous for His message not a detriment. The gratifying sample of life that can be shown almost systematically, when one opens the mind a little more to God’s vision is a victory. The drowning impact of toiling around with oneself is a dramatic loss, and one that can sometimes only be recognized when it’s too late. So be kind. I like to pray to God sometimes, asking Him to give me His eyes for just a moment. I believe it would be a glorious moment. One that is attainable. We can do greater works than Jesus ever did, because we have Him in us. The powerful potential of the Holy Spirit is limitless. No boundary set by society can change that. The serene capability of the spirit. I thoroughly enjoy it. Preaching has a negative connotation. A killjoy seems to be associated with it, a mere party pooper. Trust me, no one wants to be a party pooper, they smell and they are greatly unwanted. To give the Word of God justice and save the respective name of preaching, we have to go back to the roots of love. We have to open up to God’s grace and swim in the vast knowledge of it. We must not somber ourselves with the constricting labeling we can give ourself and others. The elastic fortitude that falls upon us. We simply don’t want this. We are all one. We are all are a body of Christ. We should begin to realize the power of this.

God bless, and thank you for reading.



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