The fluffy coalition that is mandated in the mind. The constitution that believes in the collision of limitless ideas. The philosophical problems of the world, the incoherent problems are solved within this world. The world that can be vast. The disappointments, the suspended believes that don’t agree with the realist mindset, are now disposed. They have nothing to gain here. The blinded culture is now mindless as well. The grace of disposition now prove it’s worth. You could escape the seemingly definitive reality of life. You could be who ever you want to be. The instability of the mind can be entertaining now. For now you can rest in unbelievability, you can rest in the feeling of reaching the stars. We can now outweigh the constructibility of the world. The stability of the ground. The proven escape. Escalate your mind my friends, don’t tie yourself down, don’t live in this immense world that you’ve created. I’ve been lost in my dreams. They can vary so greatly.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” -Dr. Suess


I want to achieve them. I hope to come to a point in my life, where I can settle for just a moment and realize, I’ve made it. The rich, scrumptious legitimacy that can solidify. We can build a home in the settlement. We can live with the leaders, build with the future and learn from the past. In the moment we can believe in the culture we’ve made. The juxtaposition of living in your mind and coinciding with reality. We can dwell in it, or we can morph the two. That would be magnificent wouldn’t it be? We could drill into the deep rock of potential. We might find flowing water. Water that we can drink up, water that can flow through our bodies, swelling our drive. We can serve as variables in a greater future. If we could all be brave. If only we could all believe in our ability. If only we could be patient enough to live out our dreams together. The inception of the followthrough could be supreme. The visuals, the joy, the résumé could be inflated to a level that is approved upon. We can live in a society that is invested in innovation. Steve Jobs, MLK, Ghandi, all had motivations. They all had potential within, and were derived from the inception of an idea; a dream. We all have the access, we all have the ability. A wonderful orchestra cannot be achieved without a conductor. We have the tools. We have the potential, yet we find ourselves living a discourse, a life that is a downshifted chronicle that continues to tumble downhill.  If we dig deep enough we might find a diamond in the rough. We have the key, we just have to dig to find the key hole. The dormant, organic, mature mind is one that is spiced throughout us. We sprout dogmatic personas. We drown in the assertiveness of constriction, of believing in staying merely awake. We live in a gritty culture that is pocketed in the mind, that is passed out uncontrollably.


4 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I love your writing.
    I will tell you that our dreams take on everything we ‘feel’ and is stored in our subconscious. Our subconscious in daylight too creates our lives.
    That is why you must check the thoughts you think and the words you speak and most of all check how you feel during the day. By being mindful I find miracles or whatever you wanted most pop up.
    Our subconscious creates what it thinks we want to experience based on our thoughts. It’s now been prove. And it’s called brain plasticity. Our subconscious dictates 90% of our thoughts and fears.
    All the people you mentioned were dreamers who lived on purpose. Some dreamed but did not witness the reward. I am dreamer but I don’t always check my words… Oh and always be playful. All my philosophical stuff is on my featherflute.wordpress.com blog.


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