The Waters

I think that living in those realistic moments gives us power. The power that is instituted with a hollow prerequisite, is rather tempting because reading the stars is much easier than actually reaching for them. We would rather sit in solitude, resisting the immense galaxy that is beyond. The prevalent innovative culture that gives the sea life. The culture that produces construction upon the future, yet we are too closed minded to feel inclined enough to even give a glimpse upon it. We think that we are unique to not. It is important to be unique but without stepping out of your boundaries you’ll never unlock your true potential, your true uniqueness. You’ll never accurately depict the stars without expanding on your limited expectation. To be suspect to buildibility, to observe the dark walls in your mind can be virtuous. For when we observe the dark culture we’ve created, we can then act upon it. We can give them life. We can now simply choose from the variety of life to paint them. We can contribute to society and to yourself. The rushing ocean settles, and the murky sea cleared.


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