Free Will Part 1.

It’s a tough question to ask yourself. Do we have free will? Can we control our thoughts or is it a illusion. I think and this is a current mindset that could be changed later. I believe that we settle in between free will and the controlled mind. Are we merely living in a dream and our dreams are actually our reality?

I believe that we already have a story, a narrative written for us. We are already assigned a destination. The decisions you make are expected and the sky you are under is a sky net for  your capability. The grated fallout of your manipulation corresponds with your direction. The arid ground you walk on has a wet foundation below. Dissimulating the mirror diminishes the capability. To prosper your wishes depends on your willingness to provide the answers.

So free will? Yes, sort of. With great power, comes great responsibility. A henious crime it would be to lose sight of your mirror. To conquer the world only to crumble under the weak foundation, you count on. The haughtiness reigns and you have lost the fight. You must find a stable balance. A meditating purpose for which you can rest on. The praiseworthy message expiates the lost ground. Humbling the crowded forest for which you have lost the jewel.

The forest shouts your name. The forest echoes the lost cause until it loses its voice and lets the water fall from its occult eyes. Shaming the carrier of danger and power. We can modulate the consequence. We can rescue the purpose from the hidden foreground. The malicious nature of reoccurrence can haunt you, but pound on. The stripped distribution of your persistence, can give others hope. The overblown, ship only finds itself in misfortune. We must constitute a regimen that appeals to the balance for which we must pursue, and the appeal within ourself. If we act, instead of plan. If we preempt any attempts, we risk failure. We must go all in.

The short soul can be sprouted from the barren ground. We can rescue it. Even though it seems dark, through the dark comes light. The pensive nature of ourselves can reign on. It can lift the clouds higher and the sky can become clearer. Forging a concrete relationship, instead of carrying a facade. Be your own thoughts, but realize that there is danger in extreme confidence.



2 thoughts on “Free Will Part 1.

  1. Love the prose. I agree with much that you have said.
    The question is where do you place the mind? Mine is not in my brain.
    My thoughts are chosen and plucked
    From a
    When I intently pay
    Attention to one and find negative feelings arise I put it
    And try another. Although some days I quite like to be blue. So this is I suppose is my free will.
    When i meditate I say how do I serve you and then thoughts that are true that do
    Not originate from me enter and these I cannot change but feel compelled
    To act on. So no here there is no free will.

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