Upon Request

I picked up the Bible with a curious mind. I carried the Bible to my bed. I open my mind to knock upon the quiescent soul. I start. An incipient expedition to find myself in my readings. I found the Book of Job. I find it ironic that I was just asking myself the question, that is so cliche, yet is like a parasite that has taken over; why do bad things happen to good people? This question is finally answered.

God is searching for strong individuals to test. To improve strength, you must endure strenuous pain, and agony. This is what Job served as. Job possessed it all. He was rich in Earthly possessions and strong in his spiritual walk. Satan wanted to prove to God that his followers are weak and futile. So God put forward his strongest man.

Job held fast to his faith but it slowly deteriorated as his life became engulfed in punishment and pain. He did not ultimately waver. He relied on God’s strength to pull him through. In the end, he was blessed more than he was in the beginning.

So, I sat for a minute. I thought about the capabilities of God and His purposes. In life sometimes, we feel like we are doing alright. We feel like we are the most spiritual, the most athletic, the most humble. We feel like we have done the right things. Until a bump in the road comes along of course. Then all of the sudden the world hates us, God doesn’t care about me, etc. Really God is inspecting you. He is performing a spiritual autopsy. When we let the wind blow, and we stand still, we feel it is futile. We feel as if we aren’t progressing. You see sometimes, you have to stand firm, to move forward.

A great consternation might diminish the facade you have constructed over the years, but this is the moment of spiritual awakening. This is life my friend. The heart pounds and your ears ring. The voice of the Holy Spirit awakes and recites the meaning of life. The tainted ground for which you stood, washes away with blood. We must extol. Glorify His name in the storm, for there are greater things in the end.

I suppose Job’s life could be a message to us to live for Him in this life, so you can glorify Him in Heaven and lay in the comfort of the moment. You have to fight the good fight. The impaired vision fixed. The eccentric thoughts that bounded the soul loosen. The corresponding foreground constitutes your pursuit. For what you were pursuing this whole time, was staring right back at you; the great I AM. The skyline expands and the occult underground presents its magnificent features. Through the fissures shines a light. The light courses through your veins. You plead for leeway, but that hope diminishes exponentially. The augmented force corresponds with your plea. It is for a purpose. The fragrance of life, you waft away, yet it soars to the heavens. An echo is heard above. The voice awakens and replenishes your guilt. You crowd your thoughts. You sink below your criticism and try to escape.

With the age of constant want, constant rush, it becomes difficult to focus your eyes on the prize. The kingdom awaits and you have a ticket. The suppliant creature beneath falls on his knees and sobs at your feet. He wants back in. He wants a place to lay his head. The cascading rainfall casts away the spell and you reside in courage. You step between the cracks and find purpose. The ghastly soil laments the trail for which you follow. The adverse cliff falls. You crumble to your knees and stumble upon a waterfall, for which has been in your mind for quite too long. The checkered torch foils your life. You find inequity in the situation and plea for guidance.

God has already made a path, but you have blinded yourself to see its presence. The bordered waterfall looks deceiving, yet carries truth. The lighted expedition becomes your wish. It becomes the service for which you wanted. The asymmetric light that contrasted to your own baffles you. But you continue on and find the glorious power and grace of the sovereignty above.

Sometimes in life, we get caught up in the want. We get caught up in Earthly possessions. We turn the mirror around and bask in the life you live. Sometimes you are on the opposite end of the spectrum. You sulk. You feel you are living in a barren wasteland, that is restricted among society. So you, live alone. What we must realize that there is not so much a balance to be struck, there is rather a direction for which we should look. Sometimes even when we feel joyful, content with life, we can feel empty. Look up. Sometimes when we feel saddened by your experiences. You feel like a small pebble that is crashing beneath the weight of the ocean. Look up. The idea that we can do it all, that we are capable of immense power, is false. I know that’s not the answer you wanted to hear. That fact of the matter is, turning to the One who holds truth, guidance and perception, gives you true power. Listen then hear. Watch then see. Be in the moment. That moment might be the moment, He calls.

Sometimes we can make decisions with assumption, with the connivance. We can dwell in ignorance and forget the source of knowledge. We can go through life, like wind. We can pass by abruptly without a wave. Without knowledge of our actions we can stir up a commotion. A terrible life to live. Yet it is an easily accessible one. The subtleties in life make all the difference. Forcing life to be what you make it, torments the truth. Pushing tribulations aside, serving conspiracy proves difficult without a sense of purpose. Judging based off assumption only gets you so far in life.

Mysterious it must be to watch the pleasant scenes without an account of the painter’s name. Scraping the barrel of false gratitude and white washed walls serve as measly insecurities. The conformity breaks walls. Constructs new ones which blind. Constructs fences which conceal, and falls carrying a sense of destruction.

We must open our sensibility. We must walk in the grace for which is given. We must bask in the presence and the forthcoming Savior. We must persist to pursue greater knowledge and not be content with the knowledge we were set with. We must direct our vision and escape conformity. Shredded walls, they become. The bricks crumble and the sky shows its depth. The ocean runs for the hills and the birds soar with gratitude. False identity is a prominent quality among the masses. Let’s change that. Let’s ride the waves and surf the shore line. Let’s call for the horizon to present its beautiful score. Let’s express the message here, so we can walk in the sun and lay on the clouds. We can express freedom to the masses. Strength in weakness. That’s the great thing about the good word. We can serve our purpose of saving many without manipulating our story. We are who we are.


As always, Thanks for reading, and God bless.





3 thoughts on “Upon Request

  1. It’s a long time since I read the Bible so thank you for the extract and interpretation. I am not a Christian but I do have faith and do read many scriptures. Staying steadfast in your faith and being totally centred on the light also called God will always deliver you. I have always found it bewildering why people make their lives so hard instead of just turning into the light. The light burns in all of us yet it is not seen.

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