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Pi and his family board a ship to travel to Canada after deciding to sell their zoo in India. A storm causes chaos and Pi becomes the only survivor of this great tragedy. Awakening aboard a lifeboat, he realizes he is accompanied by a Bengal tiger. They must learn to coincide as one to survive.

Ang Lee does a tremendous job at choreographing some of these scenes. It is so perfect. Everything is a message and is reinforced elegantly through the cohesive tools that the filmmakers so excellently use. The film engulfs you with the experience of this young boy, who has to play the game of what is appearance and reality. The narrative is confined, and put into good use with great character development (Pi and well the tiger).

The acting performance by Suraj Sharma was simply superb, and frankly, it had to be to make this story believable. The film’s appeal to the audience was mostly resting on the coherence between fiction and reality. Without his performance it would’ve been some kid in a green screen. This was not the case, though, he put it all out there. He had the perfect timing, that any great actor has. The knowledge to know when to express a certain emotion to appeal to this such scene or that action.

The writing was awesome. It was appealing to me that, for most of the movie we are stuck with this boy named Pi and the tiger. Only one of them can talk, but we care greatly about both. Through the introspect of Pi we could uncover more and more of the story’s depth and the writer’s passion. I must also thank the writer of the novel; Yann Martel, without his great mind we wouldn’t be able to experience it on screen.

Another side note, the score was brilliant. The score was captured the gravitas of the situation, the emotion of the Tiger or Pi.

This film makes you reflect on life. He encounters a great trouble within himself and the outer world. He goes through conflicting tribulations that tosses him across the sea. The great thing about this film, is the fact that it can be interpreted many different ways. I find that it enjoys making use of symbolism to express the boy’s inner voice and inner conflicts. The roaring waves in the motion of life, while the sun that became overbearing to him, is the limelight, the stars, the mystifying future and elegance of life, and the beauty of nature.

The Tiger I believe was his inner beast. The beast that held him hostage for a good bit of his life. He must tame it, to perceive the elegance of harmony. He extracts so much energy from his very being to conquer this beast that he is inhibited with languor. Once he conquers himself, he can conquer the world. The forest or jungle on an island that saved his life was a stop to reflect. The tiger had now fallen into a deep slumber and now his thoughts can wander freely. The beauty of nature. The calmness of it, the variety, the vitality, surrounded him. He graduates to a higher being, one of higher understanding. Maybe, the tooth, which he found stuck on that island was a reminder of the pain he had persisted through.

The life we can reflect in sometimes is the life we most want, but the one we live in is the most important. You see this in the film. He decides to leave the island, when the beast in the boat stares at his soul, reminding him of his duty to progress. Sometimes in life, we feel like we are missing something, but in reality it all surrounds us. We must stare back into the beast’s eyes with persuasion, confidence but guilt which shows the human spirit. The invincible stories that seem to never be able to told now can be the narrative of your character and your determination. The night sky coincides with the day. The beast natures with man. The man tails through the vast stories that nature wishes to tell. The immaculate sky is dim, but with a knock on heavens door it can be opened.

In life we must find a story to live. We must choice a story to be told. The carrier of disbelief is the weak mind, yet with a passionate vision the trails and tribulations in life become merely stepping stones to a greater future. The film explores the nature of this beast that lives within. The beast can say goodbye without affirming the gratitude for the willingness to help you expressed. The beast can be an outward being or an inward being. That is what’s beautiful about this film, as I mentioned before, you may interpret it differently than I do. The great thing about it is, that is life. We mingle with different opinions that sprout confidence and well being, yet are under the presumption that they won’t receive judgement. The stoic colors of life continue and can distribute their wealth amongst the masses if you let them. You must appreciate them though. The boy experiences great sorrow when killing the fish he was blessed with but the life was sucked out of the fish. The colorful soul passed out of his shell, leaving a hollow being to be left amongst the Earth. The solitude he felt when he had lost hope. Yet the great feeling he felt when he found land.

What also struck me was the reaction, he had, when the pencil had withered away so much that he couldn’t write anymore of his story in his journey. Sometimes in life, we can get too caught up in telling our story instead of experiencing the story which is yearning to be lived. The felicity, the joy, the ostensible happiness that is expensed when resting in the story you were meant to be apart of. We can spawn life in other instances, when we rest on the basis of awareness.

I would definitely recommend this film.

As always, thanks for the read.



One thought on “Visuals Galore

  1. Great stuff. I just thought he likened his human companions to their inner animals so it made the murder of his mother easier to deal with and his own brutal killing of the cook easy to swallow. survival of the fittest is what it turned into for him. I thought it was a palpable way of dealing with the horrific deeds.

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