I wander the omniscient sky to find the confidence to express. I reach for inordinate compatibility, that I haven’t been living in. I blanket the silence that burns the fabricated disbelief. I shadow the author, wishing to discover splices of life, that could be inheritable.

Sometimes I wish I was more compatible. I see the beauty in the world I live in. The compassion that roams through the streets. I sink into my chair. I shout to the heavens. I wish to have love. The love that I see potential in. The love that kisses the very essence of beauty and shouts its name on the rooftops. I want the love that I can walk by every day, unashamed of the consequences. Break the bones of weakness. Break the shattering sheets that have eyes fixed upon the ground.

The street lights beaming into my soul, I take a knee. I marry. I laugh in the mystery. I don’t worry about the future because even on a cloudy day, I live in the sunshine. Exonerated from the grip of shame. I walk with her. I dance in the moonlight and fall in the incrustation of hope. Yearning for expression and compatibility. I have found it.

I want those days to come true. I want to live with the paradise, and toast to victory. Yet, today I feel jaded with these thoughts. Barreling through my mind, collecting the swell of observation along the way. Criticism shoves the conflicted one beneath the sand, to have the rising shoreline carry them away.

I might be crazy to think this way. I might be insane, but I can’t help it. The thoughts mingle in my mind and are too persistent to wash away. I like to think of life as a blank portrait and I have the palate of decisions. Painting the image to reside in. Vitality in every stroke. Kissing the destiny I’ve selected. I want to see the face of misconception, to hear the voice of presumption, and smell the fragrance of passion beneath its wings. My hearts on fire waiting for you. I want to follow the trail of prediction for now. Where will I be? What will be my story when I’m all gone?

I want to live to the fullest and return the favor. To soak up life, dive into its languor and tranquility. Bask in the applause. Forebode the shadow of equality and justice. Kiss the cheek of innocence, but dwell in the cave of frankness. Search the yoke of love and create a book of observation. Dehydrate the rushing waters and create the vintage copy. The nature of elegance is my company on this journey. I find the friend of mine in the cascading waterfalls, and the serpentine storms that demolish. I sprout confidence and beam courage. Yet, I’m the same man I was. I still want compatibility. I still want to feel wanted. I still want to connect with the ones around me.

Make a way for freedom, yet live in confinement. I shadow potential and walk beneath the crowd. I choose the words I want to give. Maybe, it is a vision that is too far fetched. I want it to develop though. I want to one day bring to life an awakening. A love so bold to step out into the wilderness and explode into gratitude. To be lost in its freedom.

There’s so much more, but I’ll leave it at that.


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