The Issue




I didn’t really want to post this, but something told me to. I see a growing crevice in the foundation of our generation. You see, nowadays, more people want to preach than listen. I wish it were the opposite. I wish people were more willing to listen. Too many people are officious, bound by mindless expression. Within the moment the shredded coward withers away and conceals his thoughts. He hides from the presumption of mass judgement. He torments within himself, shouting for a chance to share their story.

The ones who get lost in translation. I wish society would let them in. The ones who have immense ability yet shadow it, in guilt. We have put them in imperil. We have shipped them off to sea and did not acknowledge their situation. Frustrated, they stretch their arms out for a companion, yet don’t find it. They wash away. When they grow older they walk through life unaware of their surroundings. They grow older. They argue with their spouse. They grow older, they argue with their kids. They grow even older, his son has now run away. He grows older. The son that once had someone to look up to, has slept in disbelief. He has faded away. The child doesn’t experience life anymore, he merely lives in it.

He finds life to be a mindless game, that you don’t have to play. He prays to the heavens for a sense of hope. He becomes engulfed in air. He has a hollow center, a devoid life that yearns for mercy, but doesn’t receive the grace. He calls, but no one answers. The shadow of life has weighed him down. The blue sky has become the night and the depth of the ocean has become shallow. He gives up. He has lost everything and has found no reason to continue. The cold steel sends shivers along his spine. There is a hesitance, but the temptation is much too great. He gives one last plea. Nothing. The shot. Exploited punishment. Unworthy to the life he was given. His body lay, sulking in the dehydrated soil. His soul creeps within his crevices and stalks the melancholy. It reaches the end and sobs. It looks back at the unfurnished walls that lay upon his ribs and the crippled heart that rest. It solicits the thoughts that follow, that ask: “what could have been?”

To risk this happening is drastic. Crippled by fear most don’t talk. Most don’t communicate their true feelings. They let it settle deep within their soul, hoping that it will diminish at some point. I want an open community for all. Listen to the teaching of nature. The inevitable creature that walks the foreground of our lives. Stripped of its occult eyes, it becomes a merely a thing in the past. The dominant culture that thrives on narcissistic enjoyment, baffles, and angers me. I know we all want ourselves to be wanted, but be willing to carry the others along with you. We are all together on this Earth. Shouting your name louder than the rest does not make you special.

Think before you talk. Listen before you speak. Watch before you congratulate. Shake hands with compassion and wash your hands with pride. You must humble yourself in the gratitude of knowing you have made someones day. Strip away the self absorption. Scrape away the judgement and just be observant. We want to live in our world. We want to be the main character in the story. The best stories have the best character development. To neglect the ones around you merely under the prerequisite that they are different, is worthless. Interrupt the misguided motivations of today to create a better tomorrow. Spread a message that welcomes quality, gratitude, humbleness, and diversity. String together the ones that were lost. Shine a light for the ones crept within a cave.

Let’s be a different generation. Embrace the welcoming and congratulate the courage to step forth into this daunting world. Find complacency in progression. Let’s raise our glasses and rise to the occasion. Strap our ties and dot our i’s. Simply, let’s progress instead of living in a world of self absorption. Strapped to the misbelief that self expression, is the only thing that matters. The convoluted conjuring that is and was constructed by our own generation, is baffling. We should innovate. We should not stand for this.

As always, thanks for reading.


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