It Follows



An unknown force is following a young woman after a sexual encounter. That’s right kids, this ones not for you. It’s written and directed by David Mitchell, starring Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, and Olivia Luccardi.

The film immediately engulfs you in this narrative. The wide shots gratify the necessary foundation for a suspenseful narrative. It really is beautiful, yet elegantly dark but in a smart way, that still keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The dialogue isn’t just there as a filler. Every line is delivered masterfully and written with intention of developing the story, and progressing it along. Also, holy cow, the score is magnificent. The film deeply understands what it is capable of and understands timing. The tone almost reminds me of, and maybe I’m weird to bring this up, but I think it reminds me of True Detective. The grim scenes that are contrasted with slimmer of light. I know the scene showing the murder scene, reminded me a lot of the show. It would scan through the surroundings briefly after introducing the victims horrifying body.

The film just felt so realistic, that’s where it struck me as being scary. Most of the teens in movies feel artificial. These teens feel human. I feel like they have real conversations that young adults have in their lea sure time. Smart dialogue.

Young adults have this creative spirit that reflects upon its being. Theres a scene that follows the date of our protagonists in a theater, playing a game. They pick out someone that they would rather be and let the other guess who they chose. When the person is revealed they have to reason out why they chose them. The boyfriend chooses someone who is seemingly not there. He expresses that he is not feeling well and asks if they can leave.

This thing. “IT.” It haunts the soul of the girl. She is taunted by the occult being, that wanders through the absence of thought, the absence of light, the absence of vision. “IT’s never about going anywhere really, it’s about having the freedom.” She says this right before having the love of her life at the time attempt to kill her. Or does he? “This thing, it’s going to follow you.”

This story really reminded me of Hamlet. In a minor way. The story asks a question to the audience, that is, what is real, and what is not? Hamlet acts mad, and inevitably conquers the spirit of his love. She goes mad. Very minor.

There is sometimes where we go mad. The vision so reluctant that it loathes to conquer everyone. The shredded vision that prohibits freedom. The freedom that the girl talks of in the beginning is forever lost. I thought for a minute. Maybe, the IT was herself. Where she wants to be and where she is now. The indices that shine a light on the reflective mirror, tends to blind. She was now lost in a world she only sees, taunted by the spirit she constructed. The shouting confidence prohibited to progress, it is the effete that haunts her. She lives in a paradox and doesn’t know the artist. The invincible crowd that expresses confusion, accusations of the lost being in denial of the truth. IT, is the natural incoherent future that we have already. The vintage copy of possibly a torn being. The whimsical foreboding, yet constricting fragrance that coasts through your mind. It manipulates your life. You become a puppet in it’s masterful game. The struggle brings it joy, and the pleading gives it hope for more destruction.

The lost forest that underwhelms the soul. IT is there. When we walk through it leisurely, we can be manipulated. I’ve found that the forest is immersive and fenced within us already. Sometimes we are merely running from it. We are simply casting a shadow on it. Sometimes we are ignoring the strong grasp of IT.

Besides the hidden message, as I hinted at before, the filmmaking is really perfect in my eyes. The lighting seems to cast a perfect shadow on the gravitas of the story. The acting is superb, along with the editing that allowed the narrative to move seamlessly along. The score that I really love, should be looked upon as a solid model to be used for suspenseful, horror flicks. I really enjoy films that capture human emotion. The human complexities are so interesting to me, the mind can be a perfect premise for a tremendously, gratifying story. In the human mind is so much mystery. I enjoyed that each character in the story was so diversified. They were all so unique in their own right. They weren’t all just young teens strolling through life, they were all unique spirits that have a purpose in progressing the story. They all were attached to the story in some way.

I loved this film, and would definitely recommend.


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