The rolling mountain side soothed the mind. My friend sat there on his left, on the drivers side. My noticed his friends odd mood.

“You alright there?”


It wasn’t alright.

“We’ll come back. We’ve bigger aspirations than them.”

I didn’t want to leave. They were filled to the rim with revenge. They welcomed the vindictiveness. I was merely a peasant in their imaginary land. I wanted to stay because they were my friends. The sun rose slightly with every gaze and the sky began to enlighten. The starry night had diminished within it. My parents weren’t the worst thing in the world. They were misunderstood, I guess.

“Where you want to go first?”

“Back home.”

They all were taken back my response. My forehead began to perspire as my face warmed. It seemed the atmosphere had gone and I was gasping for air. I clinched my jaw and hoped for the best. The long road was magnificent. I tried to focus on it, but it passed by too quickly. Beyond us, along the horizon, I could see an emerging city. All my senses were being overloaded at once.

I began to lose consciousness. The sun glared into my pupils and blinded me. The fragrance of the summer heat engulfed me, as I fell back into my seat. I brief moment of awareness shook me. The car abruptly shifted. The seemingly empty road, was not. The blank stare of the soul.

I awoke. Around me was a strong aroma. On my right was a tall window, that I could see the world through. The sun had gone down. I was wearing a cast on my right arm. The sound of a monitor awoke my senses and I pondered the room. I was wearing blue gown. This can’t be happening. I went all the way around the room and found eyes staring at me. I didn’t know who it was.

“Hey, sweetie. I am happy your alright.”

“You don’t do this again! You hear me boy!”

I was so confused. There was a certain stigma that filled the room.

“I want to tell you they are all gone, honey. I am sorry. They didn’t make it. We’re very sorry.”

A tear ran down my cheek. I didn’t know why. It is the strangest feeling to have the body react, without the reason why. I yearned for understanding like never before. I closed my eyes again. I saw the same people who were in my room, in a vision. I saw myself walking down the aisle with someone, or something. I turned towards it. Nothing was there. A beautiful wedding dress that dressed an invisible spirit. I began to cry. I began to worry. I didn’t know what to think. I was then walked into a hallway, where I sat on a bench. A doctor emerged from a corner. “We did it. She did it.” I jumped up and followed the doctor into a room full of people. I saw a elderly woman and a man who hugged each other. They made their way over to me to do the same. I felt joy, and I don’t know why. It was the same type of room I am in now. I could see a woman now. She was lying on her back, with a gown on by a tall window, like mine. She called a name, directed towards me, smiling. She held something but, there was nothing there. “What is it?” People stared back at me, and laughed. I was dumbfounded by the response. A sudden heat emerged. It struck me so heavily. A pounding headache tormented me. A strong ringing surged my ears. The song of life had escaped, and I was left with reminiscence. “You want to hold him?” they asked proudly.

Curious, but in immense pain, I walked over. They gathered around me. The woman lying down, had twinkle in her eye. Something that I didn’t have. “He wants you.” I reached out but couldn’t touch anything. “He’s waiting honey.” I struggled to raise my arms but they fell back to my sides. There was no more hope.

I opened my eyes, or so I thought. I never saw any of those people again. A blaring light shined the darkness. I realized I was among the clouds. Below, I shook, now I stand. I felt a strong sensation thrill me. A chill that ran through my spine. A shout was heard and lovely music played. Below, I could see rolling hills and a starry night. The air was dominant. The air circulated my veins and understood my misunderstanding. I felt home. I wish I could see those people again. The song of life had humbled me. I began to wander forward but stumbled. I fell through a cloud. Falling I found pleasure. The soaring birds, flew overhead and the ocean along my left called my name. A improvident feeling had toiled my skin and I felt delirious. The defiling population below, paid no attention to the falling man. They continued along their paths. I seem to have waived. I was letting life carry me, if this was to be called life. There was a mogul below that buried his treasure beneath the Earth. He hid all his fortune away from the absurd, oblivious creatures that walked the Earth. He was misunderstood. The artificial began to feel real. He continued to fall. Tumbling. I found light but it was illusive.

Where did it go? Something caught me. Suddenly, I abruptly halted in the air and began to rise. I turned around and saw the illustrious clouds. I exhaled. A shiver again rejuvenated me. Another tear ran down my cheek.


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