You talking to me?

To pick out a specific person out of my life, who I have admired the most is torturous. I am a pretty impressionable guy. I like to see the best in everyone but for the sake of this, I shall do so. It would be real easy to pick my mother. She would definitely deserve it. She works her tail off immensely for all my brothers and I. I am going to choose the one who I’ve sadly neglected all my life. I am very saddened to say that, but sometimes the truth hurts. My choose is my dad. He has put through so much and he still pursues life. He is a perfectionist. He can come off as a little over assertive at some points but that’s part of his personality. He likes everything to be done in an orderly fashion. He’s an old fashioned type of fella. I wonder if he would have liked me calling him that. Nevertheless, he’s a great man.

When I see him come home everyday he is exhausted. He grinds through life. He squeezes the juices out of life, and for the most part, shares most of the reward with me and my brothers. I should be more appreciative. I feel he has a strong clasp on life. There can be sort of a hesitance to accept the company of an individual like that. He has his opinions and isn’t afraid to be assertive. You have to admire a man like that. He isn’t afraid of judgement. I know it sounds a bit odd to look at it like this but hear me out. In a time of political correctness, to have a man such as his, a man that stands on solid ground, a man that believes in Jesus, and believes in placing the dishes on the bottom rack of the dishwasher first. A man that can look you in the eye during a conversation, with full attentiveness, and consideration. A man that still believes in chivalry. A trait I’ve picked up, ever so elegantly (I know, I am trying not to give of a narcissistic vibe here, so let me deeply describe how great of a man, my father is).

My father, is not a braggart. He doesn’t coincide with the ever so developing, self-absorbed society. He sets a strong example of being a strong spiritual man. One that believes in pointing to God first, in his accomplishments. He is a man that can soar with the eagle, yet soar down below and skid across the ocean surface. He’s a generous man. One that is a giving tree (Oh how I enjoyed that book as a child). He is a willowy creature, unrestricted by the boundaries society seemingly sets for everyone else. He is willing to conversate with practically anybody. From an introvert’s perspective that is absolutely incredible to watch. He has taught me so much, without even teaching. He has taught me to show up early, work diligently, say my prayers, and make your mother happy. That’s about all you need in life. God has blessed me with a great father.

If he was climbing a mountain, and we were walking below, he would without hesitance, climb all the way back down to salvage whatever we had lost. He is a down to Earth type of man. It is so easy to be judgemental in society, the temptation sometimes is much too great but, he withholds it. He has taught me that life, is in the moments; “carpe diem.” Gratitude is a formidable opponent to overwhelming confidence. You have to strike a balance in your life. You have to know where to look in life, when you’re down and out. No, my father is not Rocky, although, he has quoted that movie many times, when I feel seemingly beat up in life. He certainly brings me joy. Although I don’t always show it, I appreciate all that he does for me. It’s sort of comical while I’m writing this but, a thought just hit me. One of the lessons he taught me and it was certainly inevitable, mainly because I’m a young adult, in a (let’s be honest, shall we?) seemingly lazy generation; was that it is better to show that you appreciate than to tell. On that note, I should put up my laundry or something, right? My father, has taught me many things. He is a unique man. A man who’s simplicities reflect his complexities. I might not understand all his minor lessons, that seem so tedious at times, but in the future, I’m sure they’ll do their part.


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