The beauty of film

Language is an art. Art is expression. The expression is life. Through an immersive film, we can divert any of the busy, convoluted thoughts that come with the outside world. We can rather delve into the vast, diverse, emotional, unique creative spirit that resides in our heads. We can pay homage to the resting, sulking hero that intimately partakes in seizing all matters prosecuting creative, confident, unique thoughts. We can respect the shouting, silent creature that foresees no hope. We can rescue any scraps he wishes to evoke. Any colliding undertaking that he wishes to procreate. If we wish to lift our spirits, we can. If we wish to be emotionally invested in a dramatic narrative, we can. If we wish to enlighten ourselves on a particular topic, we weren’t aware of; we can.

Film, the frontier of art. The moving depiction of creativity, skill, and the product of many individuals passionately undertaking a project, excreting the flowing juices of life, through vision. A vision that can be interpreted many  different ways. A vision that talks with the young and plays with the old. A vision that walks in the streets, under the dim, diminishing streetlights. A vision that soars the sky, elegantly skidding the underbelly of the fertile clouds, and resting in the humble sun. The sun that escapes exposure, falling under the weight of its fellow understudies. Sometimes I think we are that sun. We hide under the busy schedules of life, only peaking into the potential that is cascaded over our eyes. A potential that we pull the curtains over. The covers masquerade our outside facade. A facade that is bound to mere realism. Life is meant to be…who we are. We are only married with the tolerable spirit, we enable. If we don’t seek out our potential, then we enable a crude, dull, realistic individual, that drowns him or herself with the weight of life. If we rather do the opposite. If we seek out the seemingly antiquated, vulnerable, nullified substance. If we shine a light on the it, and boil the inquiry with a gratifying light, we can erode the blockade that has been constructed over the course of our life. We are only human, but inside us is more. The frightful law that was engraved on our palms, that limits us. The written law that bounds our hands together, incoherently stripping our voice boxes from our hearts. Inevitably the written law has been overlooked, yet subconsciously we understand it and vouch for its purpose. We must no longer live by the inscription. Follow your heart. That beating sound that clocks the credible cooperation of a fertile being. We can grow and mature. Unbounded. The darkness. We are now more observant than ever. The life we were living, in hindsight looks dull and futile. We are free.

The beauty of motion. The beauty of execution. The beauty of life. All this can be observed through films. The morale of the story is, follow the whispers in your heart. The strings that are strung, they are the meaningful tune for which you can trust. When passion rings, it storms through life, with purpose, ultimately orienting around it whatever it deems necessary. It breeds knowledge and speaks truth. Whatever it be, that you seek. Whatever it is, that ticks on the doors of your heart, answer it. Proudly follow the creature to a life you can be proud of. Be a shining star, that uses its potential.


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