I Remember…

I remember walking around the boundaries of the playground during recess when I was younger (yes, I was one of those kids). During my time, I would observe my surroundings. I would ponder how I would make a friend. I would yearn to have some one to talk to. The grass hillside seemed to stare back at me. I would watch the laughter and see the companionship. It would pound with the sound of doubt and build a firm wall that I couldn’t pass. The wall would continuously become larger, and progressively grow with age. I’ve always wanted to look over the wall. It seems so glorious on the other side. I put my hear on its cold steel covering and heard the melancholy of life on the other side. I would gasp at how vast it seemed to be. The creature of communication. Realizing that the wall was too large to even attempt to cross, I’ve begun to curate a greater language within. Within my mind, I visualize and grasp a hold of creativity. I soar on the wings of the glorious creature and harmonize with its clamor. Seeking communication, yet finding fear. I then focused on this being that was capable of so much more. The perfect eyes, they sought diversity, peace, imaginative innovations, visuals. The deep blue eyes fell in love with everything it saw. It brought to me good will and provided insight. A key was given to me. A key to unlock what is not seen. The great thing about being behind that wall, is I have time to discover. I have to time to build an arsenal that I can display in the future. I’ve become set on a goal. I’ve thought about just laying there. Laying there beside that wall. The airy fragrance of pollution and the strong scent of concrete boiling on the other side. I’ve thought about asking about security. I’ve thought about asking someone to lay there with me. To see the visions I see. To partake in a journey only God can see the end of. Falling to my back, I close my eyes. My eyelids burst into life. They express their versatility, they patronize the soft voice that hides in the corner.

I thought of this memory, while I was on the way to the college I plan to attend. I reflected on my life. I thought of what happened to those days? I awake the grounded fortress and it seeks new development. The imaginary friend I enjoyed the company of as a kid, waved to my eyelids. The flowing superman cape was caught by the edge of the child like spirit. The spirit that looks at life with a sparkle in its eye. A sparkle that glimmers with hope and dims the light on restriction. The days of playing with my brothers. The first time I held my brother, his warmth comforting my soul. The first dog, who thoroughly lightened my day, with their playful spirit. The first day of pre school. The first day of elementary. The first day of middle school. The first day of middle school. All lived behind the wall. Not many have joined me on my journey. For the few that have I greatly appreciate you. I observed the rolling hills and the steep mountain side. The migratory sun followed and the  lively clouds morphed into whatever I made it. The bright hue of the blue sky, elegantly provided a back drop for nature. The commotion of society again blockaded by that thick wall, provided a foundation to learn. The disconnect grew me in a way. I peeked across the landscape and was in awe of the scale of it all. The blushing landscape walked within me and strung the same tune. I felt at home. Denial of this action, was not an option. Mauling roads expressed its mass on me. The steepness of life circulated my veins and sat beside me on the other side of the wall. I only could feel its presence, that was ever so present in the eyes of everyone else. I then realized there was crack in my wall. I had never seen this. Wandering over towards it I felt a tug on my waist. There was a chain that had manipulated me all these years. There was a glimmer that blinded me for a split second. I noticed a key hole on the grounded foundation. It had my name ingrained on its gold plate. I heard a call that echoed in my ears and rejuvenated my senses. I fell to my knees. I looked all around, remembering that the key I had gotten years ago. Unfortunately, I assumed I had misplaced it. I fell asleep. A pounding force awoke me. There was a ringing that continued to pound. When I gathered myself I realized right before me, there was the key. My hope. I reached, shaking, and nervously sweating, I grabbed the key. Goosebumps ran up my arm and a shiver ran down my spine. I quickly unlocked the chained structure. A weight lifted off my shoulders. I sighed with relief. I ran over to the blistering light that peeked through the crevice. Broken, and tired, I peeked through the hole. I fought hard to lift my head above the wall. I strained to see what others see. I finally found a way to reach the crevice. I was underwhelmed. The sky was dim. The people complained and the ocean was silent. How could this be?


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