I’m a little odd but that might be through my lens. You might see something different. I see through my lens, the vast differences between a typical high school student. I enjoy things like reading, writing, making small movies, watching movies, listening to music. It might be just me. So what I want to discuss is vision. I want to discuss the different lenses in our life. There seems to be a tendency to anathematize your abilities or your passions. It becomes a scrutinizing game, that you only play. Then you feel mass crowds of eyes follow your every movement. You feel as if judgement is a inevitable. Judgement breeds life in your case, and the garden of life is off limits. You put up a cage that seemingly is inviolable. I walk through my life then, feeling as if I haven’t completed anything. I haven’t had a purposeful day. I categorize my passions as meaningless, odd fixtures that should be hid when company arrives. Talk about insecurity, it reigns in this world. The adversary seems to be living out your passion, yet I attempt to digress and push back this seemingly enclosed conclusion. I struggle with it until I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I carry the conflicts, letting them settle, yet they don’t settle and end up burning the chords within my head. They talk to the eyes of the beholder, attempting to manipulate my vision and yearning to rewire my mindset. Underwhelmed, no. I am the opposite, I am completely overwhelmed. The clouds of the brows drown my lens and the officious spirit waters my eyes. I seek enlightenment. I seek freedom from this cultural cloud. One day, it will come. I want to be different.


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