Death of a Salesman”

Reflection on “the Death of a Salesman”
The American Dream, the seemingly perfect format for success. A sagacious prompt for a prosperous life. We all want our dreams to come true. We all aspire to succeed. Well, atleast that’s what Salesman, father, and (well, he tries to be) family man thought. He wanted to implant in his son that the American dream is something to yearn. It is something to hold onto, because of its reliability. The ironic aspect of it all was that the salesman father couldn’t sell this concept to his son. That’s an unfortunate truth that was difficult to swallow for Willy. His mind began to warp into this, sort of, alternate mindset, that drowned all the positive yields of life, and brew a eerie spirit that drastically conflicted him. The fact that he couldn’t put food on the table, and he couldn’t live out the dream he wanted, combined with the fact that he struggled as a father, paralyzed him. 

I reflected on this sad story. I thought of the fact that for most of my life, I was taught that you can do anything you want. You can be anything you want. Sometimes in life we can carry this too far. I think that, maybe, this lesson engraves into our spirit and subconsciously motivates us. Sometimes though, the hardwiring might breed some ignorance. We might, shut our eyes to limitations. We might only envision, the future we yearn. We don’t want to see boundaries, we are in fear of peaking over the fences of our lives. The fences that surround us. They are the absence of light, and the broken fragments of our lives. We can’t see them, yet they control us. The protean road that is prescribed to us. It inevitably reigns and commands us to rest on the movement of the road. To shut out the light. Sometimes we need to optimize our lives. The man didn’t realize this. He was caught up in his own motives, to realize the damage within. When he observed the truth, it had destroyed him. This egoistic creature opens the book of limitation and sparks it with lofty words and witty vows. You conclude that this is the righteous path of truth, yet drastically misunderstand the consequences. Sometimes we have to be sort of a realist. Even though we might want to live out our dreams, sometimes we need a little logic to simmer down the flames. You can still succeed in your aspirations but don’t be closed minded. Open your mind with observation; specific observation. To be unique, you have to mature in diversity. You have to bloom in differences. Sometimes you have to read a book. Sometimes you have to watch a documentary. Sometimes you have to meet someone with insight. If you truly have a passion for something, spread the flame. Let the flame grow. Flame the flame, to make it grow. Knowledge is an open book, while the doorstep of success is the motive. Don’t reside at the doorstep. Take a look in. Don’t let fear, ignorance, stubbornness, limit your potential. 
There is many lessons that I think Arthur Miller spiced within this narrative. “The Death of a Salesman” is a tale of human nature at its core. We embark on this journey, yet seek out the impossible. Have you ever thought, that maybe you were at the wrong doorstep? That maybe you were on the wrong path. You have to be observant to succeed in life. Life moves with the wind and settles like the ocean. It has the majesty, the powerful grace of the peaking mountains, yet has the destructive capabilities of a daunting storm. 


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