One more little piece

I suppose you feel this way. My greatest advice. Something that I’ve found virtue in this wandering world, is to forfeit everything. You have to let go, to gain anything you want. You have to repel the evil spirits that orientate your life. The life riddled with constriction. The spirits can enrage you. I remember when I lost my only son. The psychologist wipes away a tear. He was so special. The only one I cared about. I had to let go though, to continue on. He gave a weary smile and shook is head. He walked back over to his desk and sat down. He waved his finger at the man and gave him a stern glare.


You’re something special lad. You’re going to do great things. Don’t terrorize yourself with the vault of catastrophe. The vault of judgement. Overcome. The psychologist sinks back in his seat and stares at the man.


Well, this was interesting.


He rises and walks to the door. Maybe next week?


The man feels his shorts searching for the knife he brought. He couldn’t find it. The mysterious figure was seen behind the smiling psychologist.




I’ll set it up, how about that?


He turned around and when he did so, the man erupted out of his seat with evil intentions. He ran over to the psychologist, wrapping his arms around the man’s neck. The two men, exchange struggles. The camera is revealing the psychologists last breath, he would ever take. The camera then shows the man’s shocked face. The camera shows why. The mysterious man has disappeared. Was this his own doing? The psychologist falls to his knees and tumbles over, lifeless.


So that was part of a script I am developing. It might not be glorious at the moment, but it takes practice to get to where you want to be.

I wanted to explore the evil spirits that had emerged in the man’s life in this scene. The question here is: is the man getting manipulated? Or is has this been his path? Has this been the path that he was always meant to take. Sometimes we feel like we are like play dough in this life. We can feel like malleable creatures, that get exploited constantly like we exist to be thrown around in the crashing waves. I like to explore this theme in life. Gardening hope can easily be dug out. We can become fragile beings at this point. Beings that are lost. When we are lost, we to be frank, go insane. We find confliction in every corner. We see darkness and trouble in the light. We just want attention. When we receive the attention, we can feel wanted, something  that someone or something can take advantage of. We can become a puppet in their manipulative game. I like exploring this.



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