Part of a script I’m writing

INT. Kitchen/Day

The kitchen has an eerie vibe that seems to overwhelm the man.


The man hears a voicemail. The voicemail: “You might think I’m a violent scoundrel. I am merely a man who reveals the truth. Revenge is at hand. It’s my time to oppress. I need you to listen. There’s a revolution that is looming. I need to see some justice, some restitution. You are walking mindlessly in this world, I’m your awakening.”


The man looks out the window. By the window a note is fluttering. It paralyzes the man. He hesitates and slowly makes his way to the note. It flips over on its own. The note reads an address and below the address it reads: “You will awaken. The knowledge flows through your veins. Flesh out your understanding. You know what to do.”




The man looks out the window once again. He sees the passing cars go by and closes his eyes for a moment. The man is conflicted at the moment. There seems to be too much momentum to stop this “revolution.” He is inquisitive yet timid. He clenches his fist and opens his eyes. Determination engulfs him. A fury that seems to have been instilled in him. Looming is a mysterious task that he is willing to complete.


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