She looked deep down the hallway, that daunted the unknown. She intertwined the inevitable, with her imagination. She always wanted an escape.

The apotheosis was deadly though. She fought within herself to find rescue from the ladder of hope. She seemed to be tearing down the framework with every step along the way. She felt gracious,and humble, yet felt nothing in return. He seemed so gullible. He would never return the immense offering of her love. She would have to seek that love within her heart to feel anything of valuable return. A valiant effort that always seemed futile. She felt her bones withering away, and her soul desiccating with every plead.

He was reflecting on the meal he had just eaten. It was so….good. It fulfilled every appeal he ever wanted. The sandwich was not the best in the word, of course it wasn’t. It was worthy of his grace. It was worthy to have been eaten by a man of his stature. He thought these things in solitude. He reflected on the depressing memory of only getting his drink refilled once that night. He remembers grabbing her drink and taking a sip for nourishment. That was probably the best part of the night.

The best part of the night, she thought. The best part was when I gazed into those glorious eyes of his. I stripped away all of the futile thoughts. I could become one again. My spirit was full of vibrant rejuvenation. I was to be able to ride the clouds again. I was to be able to run with the wind and chirp with the birds.

When I looked that fish in the eye, the man thought. That fish was the most disgusting thing about that night, but quite possibly the best. IT was so wonderful to see something so strange. It felt like I was about to conquer a live creature. I could oppose my will on something. It was an odd thought, I suppose. I also found it necessary to analyze this fish. The scales were vibrant with a sharp blue and the eyes were lifeless (of course, your so hilarious, my man.). The waiter kept telling me how lucky I was. I agreed. The sandwich and the steak, was probably the best combination, I could have blindly chose. The steak was perfectly median rare and the sandwich called my name from the very first moment, I walked in that door.

When he gazed over that meal, I knew he was thinking the same as I. He was reflecting on how beautiful I was and how pearly my earrings were and how lively I had been this night. I knew I had found the one that night. He was the perfect one for me and I was the perfect one for him.

That night, the man thought, overall was pretty good. I wouldn’t call it the greatest night. I remember when me and my pals surprised my brother on his birthday by inflating a bouncy house in his garage. Dude, it was sweet trust me. I might go out on a date with this girl again. If she takes me to this place every night it would make me happy. I don’t know though, that last girl…she was rough. I suppose I outta go. I have to pay for this meal, because that’s how great of a man I am.


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