The man lays aside his lover. They lay in a confined room. The plain white walls unfurnished, the moving boxes lay on the floor, as did the mattress they lay on. The morning light gleaming. The blinds on the windows created a pattern of lines that masqueraded the room. The man awoke first. He was excited for the day they had planned, to hike the apps. She was not as welcoming of the idea as he but she supported it because she loved him so.

After getting ready the man prepared breakfast for his wife. She waking up much later than he, giving him a proper opportunity to show off the skills that he so boastfully proclaimed.  When she did wake up and was properly ready, she made her way to the kitchen. The man dispensed love like a coin machine. He loved to spread compassion amongst the masses, it was just his personality. She walked through the narrow hallway into the kitchen.

“What a surprise.”

“Of course, I’m the best ain’t I?”

“You ready for this trip?” he asked

“Of course….”

The man continued to make breakfast for himself after serving her. He would occasionally look back at her passionately. Their love wasn’t fully comprehensive, it wasn’t done blooming. He loved the thought of that. The thought that their potential had not been reached.

“You are a little lackadaisical this morning. You alright?”

“As long as I’m with you.”


The man walks over to the round wooden table she sits at and kisses her on the forehead. He momentarily stares into her beautiful eyes. He finds comfort in doing it.

“I’ll go start up the car.” he stated as he walked out the door.

She began to reflect on the days with him. They were all so much of a blur. They loved each other, but it all happened so fast. They were both very young for marriage and she was mostly opposed to marrying when they did, but it was in the spur of the moment, she said yes.

On the way to the mountains she embarked on a journey through her thoughts. She fought with ninjas, swam with dolphins. It was a wild time in her mind. She turned the radio on to summon some excitement in the air. The man and woman began to dance and sing along to the tunes. Their love seemed pellucid now. It seemed unbreakable. They were to live the rest of their lives together, and that was certain.

She began to fall asleep. Under the weight of the moment she dreamt of the elevating ground that began to escalate to heights she couldn’t bare. She breathed heavily.

“Almost there. We can do this babe.”

When she awoke, she could see the world below. Everything seemed to be in sight. They both got out of the car and began their journey.

When they reach the top the man asks if they want to do it again. She waves it off so they start heading back to the car.They began to embrace. They relished the moment. Then suddenly a voice was heard behind them. They turned around. A man was standing there, shakingly pointing a gun towards the woman’s face. She fell to the ground. The man with the gun commanded her to rise or he’ll shoot her brains out. The man warily makes the decision to move closer to the couple. He asks them to give them everything they had. The man had a vulgar mouth, and chipped teeth. His hair was parted back and wore a plaid shirt. He demanded, a second time for the couple to give him everything. They were too paralyzed to make a decision. The husband began to plead and the woman blinded herself. The man with the gun fired. The echoes sent shockwaves through the man’s spirit. He hollowed out and fall to his knees. The woman began to cry. She began to worry. She screamed out that she was pregnant and meant no harm. The man said that this wasn’t his first rodeo. The man began to smile satanically and rose the gun a little higher and shot the gun again. The woman shouted and pleaded loudly. She whimpered in between every sentence. He gave a frantic laugh.

“You’re fun to play with, can I take you home?”

The woman began to grasp the hands of her dead husband. Blood dripped from the gushing wound in his chest. The once lively eyes are now all but gone, and the charming smile, a grim stare. The man yelped with glee. He asked if she liked where he shot him. She was angered by this response and gave a stern brow in response. The man with the gun aimed at the husband once again. He shot him in the middle of the forehead. The birds flew out from the tall trees and the seemingly light blue sky, reflected solitude.

“I can be your hero darling.”

The man with the gun walked over to the woman. He crouched down on one knee next to the woman. The woman lie with her head down upon the stomach of her husband.

“You hate my guts, don’t you? I would too, if I was you. How about you do me a favor, okay? Huh, darling? Let’s make a deal for the both of us. I hate life. You live in a hell hole, am I right? I hate doing this, but it’s what I was meant to do. Could you please end my misery, sweet pea.

The man turned the gun towards himself and raised it to his forehead.

“See, let’s replicate what I did to him. The same wound, huh? That is sweet revenge. You’re my only hope. ”

The man’s eyebrows rose as she lifted her hands up towards the cold steel of the gun. She began to shiver.

“It’s alright, I’m scared too.”

She gradually crept her finger towards the trigger. The stress of the situation sent riddling shock waves down her spine. It frantically ran wild within her, tearing her moral compass to shreds. She wanted a sense of understanding, but couldn’t find it.  The man blew her a kiss and continued to encourage her. She followed through. The deed was done. The man fell sideways, plummeting down the steep mountainside. She began to weep. She saw that the man had dropped the gun, right before her knees. She grabbed a hold of it. She sent up a quick prayer. She lay flat on her back beside her dead husband, trying to maneuver her hand towards him. When she found it, she grabbed it tightly. A bird began to sing. It seemed to be the preamble tune for her death. A symbol of destiny. There was a vile fluid that ran through her veins. It wasn’t blood. It was something she couldn’t bare to inform anyone about. It seemed to communicate with her conscience. It seemed to fill her heart with fear and walk within her head. The funny thing was the gunshot left her unscathed. It was inevitable. There was stippling blood that furnished the white walls in her mind. The white walls that were so bare. The blood filled the moving boxes to the rim and flooded the room. She tallied the lies she told herself. They were too many to count. She shook hands with death and made a deal with misfortune. It was time to let go. The circle of life pounded on, it circulated through the turmoil and crushed the obstruction.

She let go. She was sorry. She was lost.


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