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blank_page_intentionally_end_of_bookI find it a cryptic suspense. For some it is a dreaded effort to turn the page. For me, it’s a new page. It’s a chance to move on and build my understanding of the entirety of the purpose. Maybe sometimes in life we need to be willing to do this. Maybe we are meant to turn the page. The point in your life might not be a great page turner, but you are meant to turn  the page. When you get through this book, you can be handed a new story. Your story might have a polemical antagonist that tries to regulate your feelings and actions. One that attempts to sweep you under the carpet. You find it a traumatizing experience, but flip the page anyway. Maybe you can become a supportive wall. An admirable buttress to provide lift. Your wall doesn’t have to be furnished, or fixtured with flair. Don’t be pretentious, build your story up, so you can shine a light. Right now you are latent flare that has been sent soaring through the sky. It is through the right eyes the purposeful, beneficial light can enlighten someone.

It’s a prominent star among the vast universe. You might feel small but look where you are placed! You are amongst the millions and billions, but you reside in the mysterious, beautiful landscape of mystery. You live in a place of benison. Unfold those folded pages and gather up your courage. Look at the world and tame the child that weeps. You see the lurking clouds, flooding the oceans and covering the homeland. Your light is more powerful than the forces of nature in this instance. Flood the world with a light of understanding. Crept beneath you is the rings of a welcoming force. It says to come as you are. It steals your cryptic oracle and tries on your ambiguity, like it is some sort of fashionable flair it yearns. It admires your courage and wants it so. You show ambivalence, and obscure signs of rage. The rings begin to circulate the moon and shine a glaring light over your eyes. You shield your vision from the destructive power. In a bellowing voice, it attempts to tempt. It wants to bring you over. It introduces itself as power. It explains its power, and its complexity. It congratulates you for making it this far and talks of lending a hand. It sulks for a moment when you disagree. You seek to understand a different power. It graduates itself to hang itself among the highest of elevations. You can barely see the peculiar light that it shone just a moment ago. It tickles you with delight. You now soar among the casting of light. You flow back into reality, but keep the understanding of the unknown. Through the unique pages you have turned.

Although, sometimes I do feel it is to settle down. The bare necessities are necessary to see. Sometimes it’s better to know how to live in the simplicities of life to understand the complexities. Sometimes….sometimes frantically working too hard. When you find out you can’t find it, it may seem detrimental at first, but as the song goes “forget about your worries and your stripes.”  Really this post is what you make it. It really is just a mind dump this morning. Thank you, for reading.


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