whatever you please

Two posts in one day? Slow down your roll man. I know, I have been acting quite odd lately. I’ve watched too many movies and now I’m resorting to writing to fill the time. Of course, I could study for an exam, but that’s uncharted territory right now. I will not venture into that land of tedious microanalysis, and extended hand cramps. Let’s not go there. Instead, let’s talk of idealization. It’s an interesting one for sure. It’s easy for us to idealize because it’s in our DNA. The very foundation of our roots vouch for it. It’s easy to look up to a Tom Hanks, a Roger Ebert, a  Mark Twain, a Tarantino, a James Cameron, a Steph Curry. It’s so easy. Let’s go ahead and hit that easy button to echo the message. It’s just too easy. There comes a boundary that you must acknowledge. Most cross it without realizing it. Excuse me, if this sounds a little odd. I’ll blaime it on this unfortunate headache.

I believe that there is art to be astonished. There is to be awe thrown towards a unique idea or a performance for the ages. There needs to be recognition. OF COURSE ALEX WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH THIS?! Wow. Alright, a little harsh guys and gals, I am only pursuing a late night shenanigans in my brain and tossing it your way. Don’t shoot the messenger. Forgive me, the point is coming and you should read my post on patience. Did I write a post on patience? If I did proceed, but if you find no evidence report back to duty here. Alright, that was strange. I told you guys, I am the one who flew over the cuckoos nest. Back to idealization. What I have noticed is that people like to look like they know what they’re talking about. People become arrogant. People greed their own imaginary vision, but it is too elusive. Watch who you watch. What I am getting at is that you should find the right people to look up to. Not to praise ignorantly. What makes them special? What makes them unique in your eyes? What you see makes you special? You might see a piece of you in them. See how odd that is? Don’t focus on one individual as a model for success. There has been many who have walked this Earth. Thank you, captain Obvious. Tonight, I’ve noticed you guys are a little fiery. You guys alright? Need a beverage? Take a sip of enlightenment and observance to nourish those parched cells.

The dream of yours that you have been yearning to achieve in actuality is achievable. Research, grow, learn from your mistakes. I am still struggling to find a direction to head towards. I deeply understand the frustration. Mind that the road that you may be searching for is under the sheet you set down to cross it. Riveting isn’t it? It rejuvenates your soul, to know that there is something out there for you. You were meant for a purpose. I am stuck on the other side of the dock. I am Jay Gatsby looking at that green light across the shore. Except in this story, I am not going to dress to impress. I am going to search passionately through the hardened walls cast over by the tears of the lost. I’ll recollect my memories and find a memory worth keeping. I’ll dig deeply into the depths of my forgotten mind. The whispering gap that motivates a quiet man to run wild under the burning streetlights. Who should I become? A screenwriter? No, I couldn’t sell a pitch to a sleeping dog, mind you he was already sleeping before I arrived on the scene. How about an author? I suppose. How about a director? The shoes are too big Johnny, let’s search for a different pair. Holy cow, my mind is running rampant. How about a film critic? Me? Who me, criticize the art of film making? The art that I cherish and talk endless hours about. Me you ask? I could give it a try, if you wish. How about a storyteller? I love the art of storytelling, whatever the format. That is the problem. There is just too many positions to look over. I just don’t know where to go to. I wish there was a trail run in life for each job. Maybe, I am crazy. Well, of course I am crazy, this post is all over the place, what have you been eating man?

Who am I to judge my future? I wish to understand it. I wish I could see into it. When I think about it a little more in depth though, I become injected with emotions. I scurry away in this confusing pain. Some visions I see pain. Some I see happiness. Some I see desire. Some I see me dreaming of dreaming. Inception baby, watch, live it, love it. Bravo, you are still reading this post. What were we talking about? Oh, the dreams thing. A baleful wolf carries my heart into the darkness and I find myself chasing the moon to undertake the grave lot of hope. Selling my soul to a man on the street to find my heart again, only to find a dismal, dull toy that the wolf presents before me. What am I to become? How about the wolf finds my heart in the meadow? The wolf sheds its skin upon the ground and crowds the wildflowers to hide its presence from me. The new creature follows my every move until I walk too close. Then he abruptly spurts into the air. He congratulates me and finds goodwill in giving my heart back. The sky becomes home and his loving smile becomes the shining star above.

Didn’t this post start out talking about idols? I suppose we oughtta name this guy? What should we name it? How about you name it whatever you please?







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