(Your name here) is free

It seems the nectar of life is deceiving. An American Dream. An innate quality gesticulating within the borders, we build. It is vulnerable as we make it. How, catastrophic it would be to see an individual lose the passion that would have driven them to destiny. For whatever it might be, I believe it is beneficial to keep that passion. Even if the pieces are jumbled inside your head, at least you have pieces. At least eventually you can make a picture. This picture is a valuable quality that disseminates through your veins. Life is a motion picture and you’re the director. Whatever you wish can come true, if you declare it be. Your dreams encompassing your goals and aspirations, you become a lively being. See it and you will become it. Be careful with this. Constantly adjust your frame. If you leave it be, these great things will never take place. Don’t conclude everyone’s dream is your dream. A father shouldn’t push a dream on to his son. A teacher shouldn’t tell a student, they can’t be something. A coach shouldn’t say you’re too slow. You know what though? That is the reality of our culture and human nature. These judgements are hidden messages. They are blessings in disguise. It is a golden amber flashing under an artificial surface. Take it as it is. Reevaluate and push forward.

Without motion, there is no movement. It sounds like an obvious statement yet is deceiving. Life chronicles the hidden mysteries, the longing virtues in the turbulent streams. The streams no one wishes to pursue. They are hidden within them. Subside your closed mind, humble your heart, laugh with creativity, and stride in a progressive beauty that opens its strides in elegance. As the flowers bloom, so does your mind and so does the horizon, and so does the daunting fence that you constructed long ago. You can fall into the graceful hands of freedom and bleed service and hope. You are a new adventurer. A new inquisitive, purposeful detective in the case of life. Just don’t give up the case. 

Victory is from the one above. The clouds emerge victorious under the casting reflection set upon the ground. A guide to the end. A daunting task at first. The Diety. The glorious faith it takes to take on life. He will not forsake. He will not take away without a purpose. He will shine a light on those invisible corners and those unreached gifts. Breathe in life. Seek love where it began.


That’s all I have to say about that.





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