A short story



Bubbling within me was a called culture. I sought hope and fortune, something we all want. I wanted solitude yet wished for an audience. I summoned the spirits yet walked the dreary roads. The opportune came to me, when I had reached the top of the rolling hills. The grass seemed greener. The stars seemed brighter. My calling. So I reached above the falling branches and grabbed a fresh pineapple. It stung the edge of my lips and rumbled on its way down. The sweet, tangy juices conformed within me though, I had escaped the dull life down below. I noticed a little bird residing on the branch above. It spoke my name and sung my song. It was the bird I had always known. I loved this bird with all of my heart.

I had noticed now that the bird had acclimated well to the surroundings, which gave me comfort and hope. I sought out now for company and nourishment. So I turned and when I did, I met Ted. Now Ted is a furry little guy. One that you would probably wish to have as a pet, I suppose. This guy was one of a kind. He almost reached the height of my knees, but his lively spirit was much taller. He gave a quick smile. His elegant eyes seemed to shine fortune. His gaze transcended common interpretation. I suppose I was muttering these thoughts because he stopped me. His furry paw stopped me in my tracks. His blonde fur flowing through the brisk wind and the tree tops spying. He stopped me.


“Are you staring into my eyes?”- Ted


“I was just in my little zone, I apologize.”


The funny thing is, you guys thought that conversation actually happened. That is hilarious. No conversation happened, yet there was some language that was heard. I seemed to be able to hear it in the hym of the soil, or by following the crawling sky. It seemed manipulative, yet too fragile to touch. So with this stalemate continuing for quite a while, I decided to move on. He ended up following, but like the bird acclimated, so did I. I walked over the veiny branches that peaked from beneath us, and scaled the thin outer skirts of the mountain. My mind started to wander quite a bit. I wondered if this seemingly lovable creature could perhaps be a pernicious fellow. Should I be worried? What the heck am I doing here? Did I do the laundry? Did I do the dishes? This was not good at all. No, it wasn’t. I had summoned the deadly spirit of nonsense. The tragedy that is of Earthly value; chores. Responsibility for that matter had seemed to be a troubling virtue. I found it complex and that it had carried a disease of consequence back at home. Here everything was open and humble. The trees became the buildings and the vegetation became my yard. There seemed to be a spontaneity that I couldn’t control this world, but that was something I could deal with for now. There was no certain venue to be at, there was no phone call to report. Just me and my Ted. It was actually quite strange that I knew his name. I don’t remember him ever informing me of it.


Chapter 2


Pardon the inevitability. I knew it would come. The day where I would awaken from this dream. I waited for it but found  liability in it. I voiced my presence in the night. I waited longer. It seemed odd to me, that this wasn’t a dream, that this was reality. Through the galleys I walked. I skipped the small rocks into the meandering river that reflected my tiresome face. The moonlit sky was on stage and I was waiting for its wonderful performance. How prestine. I stalled and reflected. I bounded from the sandy soil below and fell into the seemingly shallow river. This river wasn’t though. I continued to fall into the deep depths of the ocean. I saw the colorful vegetation below and sparked in delight. There was so much sea life to explore. The fish circled me. A whale skidded the ocean floor. Then, there was Ted. I didn’t know he could swim but obviously he could. Well, I never doubted Ted anymore after that day. Anyways, Ted and I seemed to have an unlimited amount of oxygen down below, so I suggested we explore some more. He gave a quick head nod and we headed off. It’s odd to say this, but looking above you would think you would see the ground we stood upon above. We didn’t see that though. I swam above, curious. I felt the underbelly of whatever it was. It was extremely cold and when I rubbed it a little harder, it precipitated snow. It was the oddest thing. I felt glad to see snow though. I had not seen snow in a long time. I had a whim to drastically increase the amount of snow below, but it never escalated to Ted’s appeal. He found the snow to be an annoyance. The hole for which, I assumed we fell through became a scabbard for the sheathing glow of the sun. I trembled with the glory of it. I began to pray that one day everyone could experience this. I swam toward it, after giving a gesture towards Ted, but he wasn’t there. I began to worry. I swam frantically up towards the hole in the ocean. The hole began to shrink. I swam faster, my heart pounding, sending echoes in the deep blue ocean. I narrowly escaped. I felt the closing surface glance the tip of my toes.


The warming sun gave me a chance to recover, a chance to subdue my rapid heart rate. My next quest I marked in my head. I was to find Ted and get out of this place. I decided to wait until the break of dawn (the mind of a procrastinator is so difficult to persuade). When the birds began to chirp, I awoke in the swift tune of them. I slowly arose and stretched out. It would have been nice to have seen Ted, right there next to me. That would have been too easy I suppose, and I have trained the thought that life was not meant to be easy. So I grabbed my things, which included my inquisitive spirit, the little courage I had, the long walking stick I had just found, and my strength. I had noticed that the river had withered away. This gave me a strange feeling. I continued to walk though, determined to find the only friend I had up here. I walked, and walked. I came upon a thick jungle. The leaves were thick and vast. They were dripping with water. I sniffed the fragrance of the large creature for which was the jungle. It had so much variety, that I could not account for which was familiar. I took a step into the forest and with each step came hesitation, because of the fear of the unknown.


The sky was hidden under the trees and the welcoming hymns of the birds were nowhere to be found. I pushed each obstruction out of the way with my walking stick. It became quite an annoyance, repeatedly having to lift up the heavy stick, but I did it for comfort. Who really wants a smack in the face by some large leaf. I suppose this was an annoyance for Ted as well, and questioned if he would have even walked through this jungle. I felt I was too deep into this environment to walk back where I came. Just after this thought a strange noise was heard. Could that be Ted? I began to run until I tripped over a large root. I fell hard. The soil was in no way welcoming. The humidity had now gotten to me and I began to sweat. I got up and looked around. Then very briefly, a furry animal swang by. I assumed this was a monkey of some sort. I assumed, something I had gotten used to lately. I questioned what that furry animal was. The underbelly of the clouds were peeking through a hole. There was comfort in seeing the sky again. A strange noise was heard again but it was closer now and that summoned feelings of grave danger and bewilderment. I felt this to be grueling, so I decided to sit upon the firm ground. There was sparse spots of green and blue. Another odd fixture in this world. I sat and closed my eyes, upright. I waited for something, anything to happen. Then a noise was heard, which I felt was right in front of me.


I peaked upon my eyes slowly. When I did I saw the oddest thing. This creature was about two feet in height, with furry wings that were attached to its sides. Its eyes were much like Ted’s and so was its spirit. It began to murmur something. I reached out but it backed away swiftly. I reached out my hand slowly, welcoming the creature. It seemed to understand my gesture and walk towards me. Then, something hit me like a monday morning alarm. I thought of all the films for which I have seen. All of the books I have read. All the stories that are telling me this is a terrible idea. I now thought this would curtail the same outcome. I saw it coming in my head. An odd, cute creature summons the curiosity of an outsider to take advantage of him or her. Then just as I had thought this I turned and saw a raid of the same creature before me, running towards me. I was running in fear again. I ran through the large obstructions without the stick now. It was the most painful experience, I’ve ever experienced. My mind was flippant, too lacking in understanding. I was in solitude now. I caught sight of sunlight and made my way out of the destructive jungle.


On this side of the jungle was a city. A land of concrete and steel. I again was curious. I hated the smell of the city though. This fragrance brought back many memories of life down below. I exercised the thought of company, and this thought overpowered my fear of falling back into the life down below. I took a step into the seemingly familiar landscape. This city was empty though. The sky was cloudy as was it down below, but there was no one in sight. There was no vegetation and trash piled high in the sectional streets. There was a strong stench that dominated the air. I drowned in the thought that maybe this was the life below. Maybe, I had made my way back down, and everyone that I had known before are gone. I couldn’t help but cry under the weight of guilt I felt. I had left the life I had known, the lives that I knew, for solely selfish reasons. I’m an animal. Maybe one day there will be amity between the rich life of the land above and the land below. Maybe the people will realize that grass may be greener on the other side. Maybe on the other side, they will accept us. The short time I was there I certainly felt welcomed (well for the most part).


Now that my life is chained in isolation. I was the only one I knew and the only one I know now. Now that this is the permanent fortune for which I live in, I now reflect on life, and burden myself in guilt. I couldn’t have envisioned this before, or could I have? I suppose, we’ll have to wait until the next tale.  


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