Vanished- Chapter 1






Chapter 1


The stormy night escalated in fury. Pounding rain cascaded down, beating every surface with menacing prowess. We exited the theater. My friend and I scurried across the puddles and skipped over the deep ones. We were young. The night sky exalted wonders and the parking lot was field of mystery. When we lost ourselves in the moment, a van pulled up beside us. A tinted window rolled down, and a man showed his face. We all stood there staring at each other, the night lamps shining down, piercing through each raindrop precisely. The man maneuvered the toothpick set in his mouth about and adjusted his dark shades. The man stuck his head out the car and looked around. He looked to his left and looked back to us, lit a cigarette and gave a quick head nod.


“This’ll be fun.” The man uttered.


The van screeched and flew across the parking lot. We both tried to negate this from our memory, like this was an optional situation. A dream we could opt out of. We gave up quick when we witnessed the van turn abruptly and head back toward us. We quickly ran to our car.


“Where’s your car dude?” I asked, half laughingly not fully accepting the weight of the moment.

“This is no time for jokes!” My friend shouted as we found the car.

“There it is!”


The car’s front windshield was sheeted with a layer of fog. My friend quickly started the car and I ushered him along with my half-hearted motivations. The night was an invisible light. We were engulfed in feeling. We didn’t know what to think. We found ourselves safe on a backroad. A place we both agreed we had never seen. The road was hidden by the elevated clouds of trees and the lingering figure named night. An occasional streetlight flickered and we felt reassurance that we were safe here. We heard a beep. A light came on the dashboard. The car began to halt. We turned over to the side of the road by a large wooden house.


“No! Not now! Not now! Not now!”

“What do we do?”

“You stomped me.”


“Now why do you have to use that word..”


His sentence broke off in silence. His face fixated behind me. I wearily turned my head to find horror staring back at me. A hermetic light flashed within me. The night seemed to dwell a different outcome. The man spoke. The man who stood by our car, with a deadly look decorated on his face. Dread washed his eyes over and his flesh seemed to fall with every movement. He spoke like a fifty year smoker with a lung issue.


“You need to leave… They’re coming”



An irascible look furnished my friend’s appearance and I began to worry.


“Tell us now.”

The man lifted up his arm in agony. His face grim. He seemed to smile in a satanic type of way. We both turned our heads. A clash of life compelled me to crumble. I had lost everything inside. My friend’s face assured me he did the same. A pestilential moment evaluated the moment with a fiery light. A light that buried its oppression deep into my misunderstanding. The light began to engulf us, until everything went dim. Pitch black. Everything gone.


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