Mother’s Day

A mother’s genuine hand can comfort a wandering soul. I’ve appreciated this more and more as I’ve matured. I’ve found  that when I succumb to the lugubrious force of nature that is the reality of life, I can come back to a warm person. A woman that loves and cares. A woman that nurtures and adores. One that looks upon with a guiding glance. To fathom a suiter for such a blessing is impossible. I am very appreciative of the worth granted. Through the late night stories, the days at the dentist, the long rides, the rides to church, the rides to sporting events, the rides to the playground, the rides to school. The letting go. The gradual mishap of life. You stumble through the meandering dark. You hear the whispers of the dark, but follow the light of day. You hear the soothing epigrams through the cracks and reflect. It concretes a life worth living. A life that is filled with joy. “Mom, there’s nothing in the fridge.” “Mom, there’s a spider in here.” “Mom, the freakin’ underwear you bought doesn’t fit.” “Mom.” “Mom.” “Mom.”

She is worthy of all the praise. To all the mothers out there, you deserve the day to come. You deserve appreciation every day. When college starts and she drops you off for the moment (because lets be honest guys, we are coming back. Whether we like it or not) and see you trail off. That familiar look. That back pack hanging off to the side and that pretentious grin, that she can see right through. That weary look that is hidden within their eye. That newcomer in the vast world. A fear that riddles his bones. He escapes this gravity by settling within it. He looks back and a courage is instilled. Furnished on the barren walls is a new name. A man is born within those versatile walls. When you aspire to paint those bare walls with your own artistic taste, and you can’t find notice. The strongest woman in the world gives you a palette of paint, with a smile on her face. Through the subtle mysteries it bids a beneficiary to have a meditator among the land. A mentor to calm your anger, fear, bewilderment. She says ” you are, who you are.” She teaches you to embrace oneself and walk tall amongst the weeds. She can ignite a flame, wish a spell, tell a story, embrace your odd talents, sulk with you, fight with you, argue, laugh, teach. The most versatile breed of human beings, is that of a mother. There is plenty more, but take this time to go say thank you. Don’t worry Dad’s your time will come. Yours will quite possibly be more frank because I’m sure you would enjoy the straight forwardness. Actually, I sound a little stereotypical so I will give it my all. This has trended off the railroad tracks, so on this odd note I will end this message. And to all a good night. (Geesh that was rough)


One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. Seeing you grow over the years has been a blessing. Watching you bloom into an amazing writer is a privilege. I’m excited for your future. I KNOW I’ll get emotional when you take that leap into your college life, but I KNOW you’ll succeed and soar. I love you son.

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