Directing your life



There is a perspective in film making, that you don’t see everything but only see the things you need and take out the unnecessary, consciously. That there is moving  parts that you need pre planned and you need to take the necessary time to specifically describe your vision to others. Plan, rehearse in blocking, then watch rehearsal, with everyone, bring in the stand in to set up lighting, if absolutely in your best interest, bring in actors, then film, and watch that. There is a laser focus necessary to perfect your vision. This laser focus is necessary in life. Have you gone through the outline of your life? Have you rehearsed your plan? Have you found a crew of people who will aid you in your journey? Have you found the necessary lighting to make your vision present itself? Have you set up the shot? Have you found the courage to hit record?

When you’re looking at a blank palette you might observe a dull fixture in your life. You might see no potential in it. Turn on a couple of lights though, and then you might say “well, that looks a little brighter.” Then you might get some flags out to shade the light and artfully maneuver the darkness over the subject area to your liking, and you might say : “that’s a little better.” Then you might be missing your ensemble cast if you go with the close up shot, so you go medium wide frame, and now you can see others around your picture. You can now see the support you’ve been neglecting. Notice that first you need to take that step to even have the vision come to light. You need to just try it. Be a insatiable director, be one who doesn’t stand for the bland shot. You need more in life, demand it within yourself. Sometimes life hides its virtues. You must use the dark to find the light. Sometimes you have to have a trenchant mindset of a surgeon to find it. You have to dig through the treacherous to find the gracious. That affable light is really within you, don’t be afraid to go through the darkness in life, it is only necessary to line up a magnificent shot. Tarantino has said in an interview, along the lines of, “that if you really love movies, if you really love them, then you can’t help but make a good movie.” If you really have a true passion for something, don’t be bogged down by a mantra that you can’t do it. If you hear the “whispers” as Spielberg has once called them (that is the hidden passion within) and they call upon your heart, then by all means follow them and set sail for the rest of your life. Don’t let anything stop you. Who cares if you don’t live near a famous studio, go chase your dream. Who cares if you’ve never picked up a microphone, go practice for that audition. Who cares if everyone says you aren’t good enough on the field, go prove them wrong. If there is a sufficient, clear, thumping whisper that feathers through your ear drums, then follow the beat of the drum.

Your dream is a beneficiary of the world. You are doing a deed to all of mankind. It might seem sluggish at first, but if you keep your word, your integrity in tact with your vision, then surely the pieces will fall in place, God willing. There is a resplendent dream that mounts its cause upon the hilltops and there is also beauty in chasing it. Use everything at your disposal, read, write, learn, practice. Be a constant in the meandering life. Be a player in the game of life. Don’t retire the idea that you are too weak or too lost, find positivity in knowing someone else has been in your boat. Someone has walked the same hallways. Someone has dug the same hole. Even if you feel the walls tumble down and you feel that dark shadow cast upon you, just know you look pretty sweet, and let’s roll with it, “let’s get the follow shot. Alright, quiet on the set. Action.”  Remarkable how odd life is. It is whatever you make it. It is whatever vision you want to live out. Plasticity is the prototype for success, whatever you do from there is your own choosing.



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