The End

We slowly moved closer. Our warmth surrounding us. I thought I was an intruder in their worlds, but I was mistaken. I was welcomed. So we sat and stared out into the horizon. I had reconciled life and performed its duties. I had escaped the masked culture of my mind and could now proudly step into whatever I wandered into. I was quite content with where I was now. I loved it. I couldn’t quite put my finger on where it was going to take me but I think that was the picture I was looking for. I had found compassion in the oddest place. I had found love. The one feeling I had thought too fragile to compassionately hold. It was in my hands now. Her body lay next to mine. Her sister Harley pretends to barf and I laugh. It is done. My life is done. It is whole again. If it was ever even whole in the first place.


The roomy air of the library had commenced my emotional reconnection with reality.


“So how is it?” I asked


The librarian smirked.


“It’s wonderful. It’s perfect because it’s yours.”


I settled my pencil down on the desk.


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