Not even close to finished but here’s a piece of the whole

That was the last line. That line inhibited fear. I was afraid where it would go from there. My worst fears came true. Sparks rose. Fiery hearts. Burning characters limping through the room. I was fastidious at first at my anticipations of how far this would go. These flames amassed the room we had stayed in so long. A fight commenced. Fury. Blood. I’ve had no expertise in this situation. I have had no knowledge of where to go, where to not go, where to put my passion. These people now were infused into whatever my mind made them out to be. I saw individuals now. 

Then suddenly I saw death. A shot through the window stirred chaos. IT whistled past my ear and trailed through the individual next to me. I dropped to the floor. I heard another shot. I saw it trail through the air again. It now was in my sights. I was stunned. I couldn’t move. It was destiny. Lucky was I that it hit my arm. I suppose, that is luck. I assumed I would be fine. It grounded deep into my skin. I didn’t notice the others. They were laid on the floor. Scattered about the room, lifeless. I crawled under the window, in fear of another shot. I closed my eyes aggressively. My eyelids twitching, my heart pounding through my chest, my palms sweating. I was tempted to just stand. I was tempted to let some odd entity end my life. I didn’t. Instead I stayed hidden, like always. I stayed put so long, I decided to give names to the lifeless beings in the room. 


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